Pandya Store 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha Unites the Family

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Amrish asks Hetal to get ready. She says I know what Isha means to you. Chirag receives ready and helps Dolly. She asks him to get her dress from the cupboard. He makes her clothes fall. He says sorry, but it’s a beautiful dress, and you’ll look great with it.

The plan came from Natasha, Hetal says, and I was just a part of it. Amrish gets a saree for Hetal and gives it to her. He leaves. Hetal says thanks Natasha, I cannot believe Amrish is giving me a saree of his choice for the first time. She gets ready. Dolly’s dress spoils. Chirag apologizes. She asks him to get her shoes. He opens the shoe drawer, but the shoes fall out. She shouts, and he disappears.

Chiku is considering contacting Natasha for an update. Suman’s finger is burnt, and she reveals that Chutki is currently at her in-laws’ house, leaving Suman to do all the household chores. Chiku offers to help, but Suman insists on finding a daughter-in-law for herself since Mittu and Shesh are busy studying. Mittu points out that they already have a daughter-in-law visiting her parents, prompting Chiku to scold him. Tired of hiding her feelings, Suman agrees to perform the religious ritual of aarti, which Amba leads while everyone else prays.

She blesses everyone and gives them Diwali gifts. Chabeli says Natasha got a costly necklace from you. Amba says it’s fine; Natasha has brought Isha home after many years. She gives sweets to Isha. We will now dance to a family song. Hetal asks about it. Natasha says we Pandyas had our son. Do you not have it? Dhawal signs no. Natasha says I want to give you our family song. She cries and sings Yaadon ki baraat.

Everyone smiles. She unites everyone. Dhawal looks on and smiles. Natasha gives everyone the diyas. Amrish leaves. Amba worries. Amrish burns the gifts he kept for Isha. Isha, thanks for allowing me to stay here. He says thank you Maa, I had to change my decision for her sake, I got these gifts for you, now I am burning them. Isha cries and leaves. He cries, too.

Amba falls asleep. When Dhawal talks to her, he asks her to smile. He goes to see her sleeping. He moves her hair off her face, makes her sleep on the bed, and plays Tu meri rehna… He smiles. Isha says I will never leave you, Amba cries. It’s morning. Natasha recalls Dhawal’s words and sees him sleeping. Kya kahun….plays…

In the morning, he greets her. She smiles and says, “Thank you for covering me with a blanket at night.” She falls into his arms, telling him you were sad. I wanted Isha back, so I thought I would do this for the family. Dhawal apologizes for what he did. He holds her close. Dolly says oops, that’s so cute. I’ll come later. He says there is no door-knocking system.

In the restaurant, Isha asks Hetal whether everyone eats separately. Amba says no, we do, but we cook separately. Hetal says, “You’ll eat what I make.” Amba says she’s going to the market with Chirag. She goes. Chabeli asks for Amba. She says Natasha’s family has come with gifts. Hetal says Amba went to the market. Isha smiles. Isha asks where Suman is. Chiku says she runs on her principles, is everything okay here. Natasha thinks I can’t tell him anything; otherwise, Suman will know.


Natasha says not because of you, but because of your old way of thinking. Amrish says Dhawal raised his voice in front of me because of you, and my house will shatter.

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