Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV’s Honeymoon Dilemma

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To take Prachi and Diya back home after pagphera, RV asks them if there is rasam. Prachi teases him about how he can’t stay away from Poorvi. RV says he’ll have bad pain. Poorvi says she’ll suffer, too. Poorvi gets some clothing from Prachi for Shimla.

After introducing herself as Deepika’s sister, Monisha takes RV there and tells him she wants to speak to him. She says she lied to save him from them. He says he knows. As Prachi sees Monisha and RV talking, she gets sceptical. Dadi asks Poorvi to drive them to her room.

Upon returning home, Tashu tells her father about meeting Prachi and befriending her. Poorvi takes Prachi and Diya to her room. Diya says it is from you and Jiju. She describes it as a luxurious room, and says it gives you a sense of romance. She asks her to stay here if she comes. Prachi asks why Monisha is here. Poorvi says she is here just like that. Prachi says I also neglected.

Poorvi comes and thinks Maa came to know. She tells her not to worry. Ranbir calls Poorvi. Poorvi tells Prachi it’s KK sir’s call. Poorvi picks up the phone and asks why you did not call me. He asks if she’s okay and happy. Poorvi replies yes. He says that he considers her as her daughter, that she can tell him if she has any complaints, and that he will make them all better. He says if she has any complaints with RV, she should tell him and that he will also fix him.

Poorvi says she is happy and is not concerned about changing her honeymoon destination. Ranbir blesses her and ends the call. As he tells the guy that he is right, he stresses that Poorvi is his daughter and will ensure her happiness isn’t diminished. Prachi tells Poorvi that she feels secure with KK sir and tells him whatever he says.

RV comes over to Vikrant and says he can’t attend the meeting. He says he will cancel his honeymoon. Vikrant says KK called him for the meeting, not RV. RV gets shocked and leaves. Poorvi is KK’s daughter and says he won’t let anyone bother her. The manager says you are talking as if she’s your real daughter. Ranbir says everyone knows that she’s my daughter. RV repeatedly calls Ranbir.

The manager picks up the phone after Ranbir asks him. The manager says he is attending KK’s calls. RV gets upset when Ranbir tells him to meet with his brother because he thinks he is wiser and more sensible. He asks why you made such a sour face and tells RV he wishes he could have seen it. RV says you have promised me.

It is not my son that I will agree with your statement. He asks him to go on a honeymoon and says his daughter’s happiness is essential to him. Monisha asks who his daughter is and why she would be happy if you went on a honeymoon. Prachi and Diya come there with Poorvi, and Maa tells them.

As RV is about to touch her feet, Prachi stops him and reminds him of his commitment to her. She tells him to take care of them. She asks Poorvi to come to her house and talk to her whenever she wants to. Diya says your sister is always with you. Before me, Jiju is with you. They leave. RV says she was not hinting at her. He asks why Poorvi is not telling them anything. They leave.


RV is asked not to return home until he returns from his honeymoon. Vaishali asks Monisha if she lost Poorvi, and she responds that she will lose even RV one day. Monisha shouts don’t.

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