Jhanak 10th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh’s Gift and Jhanak’s Resolve

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Dadi asks Shrishti if she has given anything. Tanuja says yes, a valuable necklace. Jhanak says I didn’t see it; I just needed her blessings. Tanuja scolds her and leaves. Anirudh thinks he should give Jhanak something. Dadi tells her to behave and talk like a married woman.

She nods. She says I’ll just come and go. Anirudh asks Dadi how her leg pain is. Dadi says she is old now and can’t dance for your marriage, but the pain is there. Appu says I’ll dance. Anirudh goes to freshen up. He looks for Jhanak and leaves.

Anjana calls him out as she makes coffee. She asks Jhanak to give Anirudh coffee. Jhanak says no. Anjana tells her not to overthink. Anirudh visits a jewellery shop. The man urges him to buy a diamond ring, but Anirudh asks for something ordinary. The man says Arshi will benefit from this ring, so buy something special.

Anirudh wonders why he came here; I shouldn’t have come here. He buys the ring. The man says it cost 3 lakhs, but Arshi won’t know, so it’ll be a surprise. He thinks this ring is good, I’m sure Jhanak will like it, but should I give her a ring, I guess I’m overthinking; I will buy Arshi a better ring. Anirudh is not in the room, Jhanak says.

He apologizes to Jhanak. He says I couldn’t give you a gift. Anjana says strange. Chotan thinks he might have gone out. Appu asks what did you hide behind? He says he got a makeup kit for Jhanak and Appu. Jhanak says, but I have never used makeup before. Appu hugs Chotan and says, “You’re the best.”

Upon establishing my business, I’ll get the best gifts for you and make you eat well, and we’ll party every day. Appu says yes. Anjana cries happily. She says that there’s someone taking care of him. Jhanak says I’m also there, I’ll never forget Appu, I’ll call her every day, she was there for me when I was lonely, she gave me so much love without asking me anything, and she’s special to me.

In her hugs, Anjana asks Jhanak to wear the saree Tanuja gave her. Anirudh arrives. Appu says he left in his car. Anjana asks where he went. I dropped my file at a friend’s house. Anirudh asks if the food is ready. I’m tired, so can you send it to my room? She says yes, she will send it by Jhanak. He goes. He sees the ring.

He asks her to stop. He turns and gets mesmerized seeing her. Music plays… She says yes. He compliments her. She says all this… I look strange. He says no, you look good, you will marry someday, and you will get used to it.

She asks if you want to say something. He says everyone gave you gifts, you didn’t want to stay here, you’ll miss this day and gifts when you’re married. She says I have nobody in this world. He says Rahul is there. She says to leave this all alone.

You don’t seem to understand, he says, why don’t you talk about him? He called me on your birthday to wish you a happy birthday; he came to me when you were in danger, and when a person cares about someone, then helps them, and they can die too, you don’t see, or you don’t want to see it. She says I just came to give food, no one wants me to talk to you, everything has changed.

Anjana says everyone went out. Chotan asks where everyone is. He says peace should be every day. Anirudh says he was planning to give you a gift. Jhanak says no, I don’t want anything from you. He asks why. Am I your enemy? She says it is a fake marriage. What gifts for fake marriage? He says you were scared. I told you I would handle it, and I did.

Nevertheless, this did not go according to plan. She says yes, but this didn’t happen as planned. He asked what options we had. She says no. He says everything will get back to normal one day. She says I should go to Srinagar. He says you won’t stop what I’m saying. She asks what you said. He says you will go one day, Tejas can’t do any harm, I have faith in you, you’ll handle everything. She says you want me to stay here until then. He says not everyone hates you, and some people love you.

Arshi discusses the event with the girls. Anirudh says I have a lot to say, it’s about your career and your future, there’s a cultural program at my office, I suggested your name, and you have to perform. Jhanak asks if you’re mad. I’m not asking, but telling you, you’ll do well; you didn’t come here to clean, so don’t miss this opportunity. You are my responsibility.

She asks when. He says I can’t explain it again. Do the program; trust me, everything will be fine. She asks about Arshi. He says she won’t perform but will give awards. I’ll take care of the family. She refuses.

Suddenly, he stops her and says, I want to give you something from my heart. You won’t call me in your marriage, maybe I won’t be able to come if you invite me, but I can give you something in advance for your marriage. She argues. He says there should be someone to care for her.


Anirudh comes to Jhanak. He tells her not to worry. She asks what will you do as Tejas has a picture of that night. She leaves the house.

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