Maati Se Bandhi Dor 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Vaiju Faces New Challenges

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Saleem gets the sweets. He compliments Vaiju. Kaveri says the Lord will decide Vaiju’s fate. Aai comes home. She says she got blessings from Nandi. Vaiju says I want your blessings first. Saleem receives a call from the groom’s family. “Listen to me once?” he asks. He says they won’t be coming. Vaiju gets sad. She says they didn’t like this alliance and didn’t want Vaiju around. Kaveri says everyone knows that the guy’s family rejects her. The girls tell Vaiju not to lose hope. She thinks they should go home.

As Vasundhara approaches Rao Sahab, he says I’m the Sarpanch of the village, and you’re just my wife, but you want to sit on the throne. She says you know it well, you’re the Sarpanch because of your wife. Their argument goes on. She taunts him about the past. He asks her to stop bringing the past between them. She asks him to do whatever he likes, and she will fulfil her responsibilities. She leaves.

Aai consoles Vaiju. Ranvijay recalls Jaya. Jaya is at her workshop. She calls home. Vaiju recalls her wedding break. She returns the sacred thread to Saleem and leaves. Aai eats the chilli powder mixed with rice. She regrets what she’s done.

When some men come to the painting workshop and disturb the girls, they tease Jaya. Ranvijay arrives at the scene. He beats the goons and gets the hairpin back from the guy. Vaiju thinks about what happened. She cries and ploughs the field. Then Ranvijay asks Jaya’s name. She refuses to answer. He says I’ll find out. He hears her friend call her Jaya. He says Jaya, you have a beautiful name.

The guy asks if there was a big earthquake here. Ranvijay says he’s Jaya’s friend. Jaya says some misbehaving men came, and Ranvijay taught them a lesson. Kishor introduces himself as Jaya’s friend and invites Ranvijay to his birthday party. Jaya says you don’t know him, and Kishor says I liked him. We don’t know if he will come.

In Vaiju’s field, Jaikant recollects their match. He proposes a land deal. He says Vasundhara owns 100 acres of land, and your one-acre plot has come between. Vasundhara wants your land. Vaiju says this field isn’t for sale. They argue. Pandit ji shows Vasundhara the pictures of the girls. She rejects them all. He asks what kind of girl she prefers.

Jaikant says Vasundhara doesn’t like hearing no. He asks Aai to explain Vasundhara. Vaiju thinks I won’t sell this field. Jaikant says I know how to teach him a lesson. Aai stops Vaiju and tells her to do her job. Jaikant drops some alcohol on the seeds bag and burns it. Aai looks on and yells. Vaiju turns to see the seeds burning.

Vasundhara is seeking an extraordinary girl who will bring honour to the family. Vaiju rushes to protect the seeds, while Vasundhara describes the qualities she desires – someone with unwavering patience, dedicated to her duty towards the land, and not driven by material possessions. Vaiju successfully puts out the fire, proving herself a strong candidate. The Pandit presents her picture as Vasundhara’s chosen Annapurna for her family and village.


Kaveri speaks to Jaya on the phone. He says Jaya, I like you, I want to date you. Jaya asks him to meet her sister. Vaiju speaks to Vasundhara about Jaikant. Vasundhara tells Ranvijay about Vaiju’s scolding. Vaiju sees Ranvijay’s picture and likes him. He decides that he will teach her a lesson.

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