Kavya 22nd April 2024 Written Episode Update – Anurag’s Shocking Proposal


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Anurag begins the episode by saying Kavya is failing all of our plans and one day she will discover Omi’s death truth, and we will be punished. Alka gives him his jacket. He says one person is there. He says you made it new. Wow, you have magical hands. He flirts with her. He sees Adi. He goes to Adi. He asks him when he came. Adi says just now. He says I’m feeling shy, and I’d like to marry Alka. Adi says I’ll talk after mummy returns.

Giriraj says to speak to him once. Adi says fine. Naina comes and says I invited everyone for dinner. Adi says well done. He asks Anurag to come. He goes. Anurag gets angry. Adi goes to the office. Badi Amma looks on and tells her plans against Adi. Kavya talks to Naina. Naina says many people believe you are innocent so that you will return to work.

Naina says you are smart, and you should prepare for IAS. Kavya says you have courage and passion. Naina says wow, thank you. I’ll think about it. Sanjeev is on the phone. He becomes angry. Alka gets tea for him. He says sorry. She asks if you’re going back to work. He says yes, I’ll go to my quarter. He says maybe I’ll lose people in the end. She cries and leaves with Kavya watching.

Sanjeev also cries. Kavya asks what the plan is, will you just sit like this or do something, do you love her? He says a lot. She asks if you are ready to marry her and accept Omi. He says always. She says she’s willing to help. She leaves. The servant asks what I should cook so soon. Kavya tells the servant I’ll make food. You go. Adi arrives to assist her.

She says I need one assistant. Alka is busy with Omi. She gives him work. He says I haven’t peeled a potato until now, but I’ll send Alka to help. She says no need, I should help her at this time. He says yes, is she ready for marriage? She says yes, shall we speak to elders. He says yes, I will talk to father first. I’ll make the food right away. He leaves. She takes Sanjeev to Alka. She tells him Adi has spoken to Giriraj about your marriage. She smiles.

Giriraj inquires about the situation, as it is a significant decision regarding marriage. Adi reveals that Anurag wishes to marry Alka and believes that she reciprocates his feelings. He also believes it is essential for her to find happiness, especially with baby Omi staying in this household and Malini’s well-being at stake. Giriraj acknowledges that baby Omi is important in Malini’s life and that they cannot consider separating them. Adi suggests speaking to Alka first before making any decisions. Badi Amma discreetly adds some medication to the food, and Kavya catches her. Badi Amma quickly conceals the bottle and offers to assist Kavya, who declines the help. Badi Amma then leaves the room.

In response, Adi tells Alka, “I spoke with Dad, and he said yes.” She smiles. He says, “I’m so happy for you, Omi also wants you to start your life again, so it’s good, baby Omi will remain in this house, Anurag has promised me that he will stay in Lucknow.”. It shocks Alka. As soon as Adi says congrats, he leaves. Alka says Kavya is not aware of all this. She puts baby Omi in his cradle. Baby cries. Alka stops and attends to him. Adi attends to everyone at the party.

Kavya comes dressed in a black gown. They dance on Kesariya. Adi says he talked to Dad, who was initially shocked but then agreed. She thinks we’ll announce it. Badi Amma spikes Adi’s drink glass. Anurag watches. Kavya says Adi wants to make an announcement. She says Alka is remarried, and the guy is Anurag Pradhan. Sanjeev and Kavya are shocked.


Kavya promises to support the truth

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