Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Prachi telling Ranbir not to flirt with her. Ranbir denies flirting and explains that he was concerned when she fell down the stairs. Prachi questions if he was there but didn’t save her, suggesting that he cares more about Mihika than her. Ranbir asks if she is jealous and upset that he didn’t rescue her. He promises to save her next time. Prachi walks away. Neha, Divya, and Abhay express admiration for Ranbir’s caring nature and how he helped Mihika even when they were strangers. They express their desire to find someone like him. Akshay apologizes to Mihika for misunderstanding her, and Neha and Divya consider Mihika lucky.

Prachi is in her room, and her inner self accuses her of being jealous. Prachi admits feeling jealous and states that Ranbir came for Mihika, not for her. She decides not to cherish any memories of Ranbir and wishes for him to stay away from her. Her inner self disagrees, insisting that Prachi loves him and feels peaceful and comforted by his presence. Prachi resists this notion and resolves to remember only the negative experiences and how Ranbir broke her heart. She concludes that he doesn’t matter to her anymore since he came for Mihika.

Ranbir accidentally collides with Prachi and apologizes. Prachi remarks on what would have happened if she had been hurt. Ranbir responds that it’s their house, not a garden. Prachi agrees, and he questions why she is overreacting, noting that he isn’t giving her special attention. Prachi claims not to care.

Ranbir suggests moving on from their argument, emphasizing that Mihika is not like Prachi. He suggests ending the fight but comments on Prachi’s desire to engage in “chik chik.” Prachi counters by labelling him “baklu” for talking nonsense. Akshay overhears their banter and inquires about the terms “chik chik” and “baklu.”

Pandit ji arrives and instructs the married and unmarried couples to swing on the swinger. Akshay asks for an explanation, prompting Ranbir to recount their collision and Prachi’s ensuing argument. Ranbir jokingly refers to Prachi as “Chikchiki” due to her chik chik behavior. Prachi declares that if she is “chikchiki,” then he is “baklu.”

Akshay finds Prachi genuinely good and asserts that he knows her better. Ranbir challenges him, mentioning his past relationship with Rhea. Akshay points out that Mihika can be difficult to handle and mentions checking Ranbir’s background. Ranbir encourages Akshay to investigate and confidently proclaims his love for Prachi. Akshay warns him about the challenges of being with Mihika, to which Ranbir responds that he has dealt with more difficult girls. Akshay clarifies that he was merely cautioning Ranbir.

Mihika seeks guidance from Pandit ji regarding her hand, but he defers due to the unfavourable timing. Prachi greets him, and Ashok informs him about Mihika’s impending engagement. Pandit ji remarks that this year’s mahurat is highly auspicious, occurring after 16 years. He mentions that both married and unmarried couples can participate in the ritual, emphasizing the importance of genuine feelings for each other. Prachi and Mihika depart with Ranbir and Akshay following behind.

Mihika confides in Ranbir about her concerns regarding the unmarried couple taking part in the ritual. Prachi expresses remorse to Akshay, feeling responsible for taking away his happiness by marrying him for the sake of her daughter. Akshay assures her that he won’t judge her and reveals that his life principle is marrying the person he loves. He explains that it would be wrong to hurt someone’s feelings if they genuinely tried to win his heart.


Mihika expresses concerns that if they don’t perform the puja, everyone will realize they aren’t a real couple. Akshay and Ranbir plan to do something to make everyone believe they have completed the puja.


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