Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th April 2023 Written Update on

Virat tells Sai that her facial expressions indicate that she loves him too. Sam tries to correct him, saying that Sai came for her children’s father. Virat laughs it off, calling it a lie. He questions why, despite being separated for years, Sai hasn’t let anyone else into her life. Sai recalls Ashwini’s words about Virat’s deep love for her and his persistence in winning her back. Annoyed, she warns Virat to stop his nonsense.

Virat urges the crowd to convince Sai to accept his love. The mob reacts, thinking he’s crazy. Sai tries to leave with Saavi, but Virat intervenes, pleading for her to accept his love and not leave him. He believes that she loves him too and promises to follow her wherever she goes. Sai warns him to stay away, but Virat remains undeterred.

He takes the stage and continues to implore Sai, expressing that he knows her anger and even her love for him. He claims to love every aspect of her, including her anger and hatred. Virat acknowledges that she is the mother of their two children and pleads with her not to leave him. The incident draws attention, and the police constables notice Virat’s unusual behaviour.

The mob joins Virat in urging Sai to return to him. They press her to consider his proposal. Eventually, Sai agrees not to leave Nagpur, making Virat ecstatic. He asks if she will marry him and give their relationship another chance. Sai agrees to marry him, and the crowd claps in celebration. Saavi is thrilled that her mother accepted her father’s proposal, but Sai seems sombre.

Meanwhile, Paakhi takes the soup to Vinayak but appears lost in thought, crying silently. Vinayak notices her tears and asks if she’s upset, but Paakhi assures him she’s fine. He tells her not to worry as he’s already spoken to the doctor and everything will be alright.

Back at the Chavan household, the family watches Virat’s proposal video, and their expressions turn sour. They stop the video when Paakhi appears on screen. Paakhi questions their silence and demands to know what they are hiding. Ashwini tries to brush it off, but Paakhi presses Mohit to reveal what he’s hiding. Virat enters with Saavi and informs them about his and Sai’s decision to remarry. Virat asks Saavi to keep the news from Vinayak for now. Sai agrees, and Virat takes Saavi with him. Sai looks sad and walks away alone.

The Chavans watch Virat’s proposal video with disappointment and disgust. Virat returns with Saavi and reveals the news of his and Sai’s upcoming marriage. Ashwini warns him not to call her “aayi” (mother). In a heated conversation, Virat accuses Sai of having feelings for Satya and tells her that she no longer values him. Sai retorts that there’s no place for him in her life and drives away.


Virat follows Sai and forcibly takes her out of the car. Sai objects, saying he has no right to touch her. Virat notices Satya’s call and accuses Sai of liking Satya and neglecting him. Sai affirms that she has no place for him in her life and drives away.

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