Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Sai comforts Vinayak and rushes to get a clean palette of colours. Bhavani fumes at Sai for helping Vinu while his whole family is present. Pakhi is walking towards the washroom when she senses someone following her. She enters the washroom. Someone puts a letter in her bag and takes it away. When she returns, her bag hasn’t been found.

When Pakhi walks out looking for it, she finds Sai holding it. Sai says she found it on the floor. Pakhi continues to accuse her. Sai says she had come here to wash Vinu’s colour palette. Savi shows Virat’s nameplate on his model as Pakhi snatches it from her. Competition ends. The principal asks students to show their models. Virat thinks he wants a similar nameplate at his door. Everyone claps for Savi.

Following that, the principal asks Vinayak to show what he prepared. A person taunted his mamma that he was an adopted son, but she never let him feel that way and loved him immensely; he loves his mamma a lot. Vinayak says he prepared Yashoda maiya and Kanha’s idol.

Usha says Vinu would have gifted it to her if Virat had informed his family the truth. The Principal announces Vinayak as the winner and asks him to present the idol to his mother. As Vinayak calls Pakhi on stage, she receives her idol. Everyone claps while Pakhi feels emotional. Sai feels sad. Sonali requests Bhavani to take pictures of her grandson.

Seeing Sai cheering up Vinayak, Bhavani remark how kind she is to look at Pakhi’s son now, with her usual frowning face. She says she feels pity for her. Bhavani asks what she means. Sai says she will repent when she finds out the truth, and then she will ask for forgiveness.

Bhavani tells Sanali not to worry about Sai’s words, he is talking about some truth about which they are not aware. Sanali asks Bhavani not to bother. Bhavani says Sai can be anything, but not a liar. As they are returning home, Pakhi keeps Vinu’s idol in the temple. Bhavani says she would have kept it in the room instead. Ashwini says no problem and praises Vinu for being a loving son. Mohit says there should be a celebration.

Harini says she will organize the party. Virat looks at his watch and thinks he should inform Pakhi before it’s too late as Mohit and Karishma have reunited. He tries to talk to Pakhi, but she says she won’t spoil her son’s victory and will take him out to buy him a gift. Harini and Mohit decorate the house for the party.

Pakhi hasn’t returned yet. Virat asks Ashwini if she heard from her. Ashwini says no and tells him to prepare for guests. Virat says Pakhi didn’t pick up his call. Pakhi picks up the call and says she is going to make a collage of her and Vinu. Virat asks her to return home as he wants to discuss something important. Ashwini asks him to keep trying.

Virat says Vinayak is their biological son whom they had lost. Pakhi finds her pen drive and tells Virat she didn’t hear him and disconnects the call. Pakhi points a gun at Sai and threatens her. Sai says she will take back her son no matter what.

Virat and Sai try to snatch a gun from Pakhi as she threatens to kill herself. A bullet hits one of them.

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