Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th October 2023 Written Episode: Savi Seeks Justice for Harini Amidst Jealousy and Tensions | Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ishan gets jealous seeing Savi dance with Bajirao. Prateek notices Ishan and says whenever Bajirao arrives, he wins the game. Kiran drags Harini, and the character assassinates her. Harini gets angry and slaps him. Kiran slaps her back and tortures her. Hari falls holding her baby while Prateek tells his friend he is tired and will bring them water.

Bajirao suggests they keep the party going and visit another pandal. On the other hand, his friends express exhaustion and lack of energy compared to him. Despite this, Baji continues to dance with Savi. Suddenly, Savi’s friend interrupted with news that her phone was continuously ringing. Upon checking her cellphone, Savi discovers multiple missed calls and a voice message from Harini. In the recording, Harini reveals that Kiran has brutally abused her and is in urgent need of help. Concerned, Savi asks Baji if he hears everything is correct as well. Without hesitation, she plays the message for him to hear. Baji comments that Kiran will never change. Without wasting any time, Savi requests Baji’s company, and they leave to assist Harini in her time of need.

While Ishan was busy with his friends, he suddenly realized Savi was not around. Upon inquiring, he learned that Baji had taken her to another pandal for some dancing. His friends described the scene as elegant and mentioned that Savi and Baji made a lovely pair. This confused Ishan, as he had explicitly instructed Savi to return to the hostel by 11 p.m. to prepare for her test with ex-IAS officer Sandhya Madam the next day. Prateek noticed Ishan’s restless behavior and jokingly asked why he was obsessed with Savi’s love life. Ishan explained that he wanted Savi to do well on her test and thus had instructed her to return to the hostel early. Prateek teased him about acting like Savi’s possessive boyfriend or father, but Ishan clarified that he saw himself more as Savi’s mentor.

In a shocking sight, Savi and Baji discover Harini lying in a pool of blood and murmur that Kiran tortured her as they break open the door. They rush her to a nearby nursing home, where a doctor treats her and informs them that she has suffered a miscarriage. She breaks down. Savi fumes and decides to punish Kiran. Upon hearing that Kiran enjoys watching Ramleela in his society, Baji orders the constable to file an FIR against Kiran and trace him.

Savi departs, and Baji tails closely behind. She arrives at Ramleela, doling out punishment to Kiran. He retaliates by threatening harm and seeking assistance. Savi unleashes her fury, using chairs and plates as weapons. However, Kiran gains the upper hand and boasts of his superiority as a man. In her mind, Savi envisions herself as a goddess battling an asur in the form of Kiran. But ultimately, she triumphs over him and stands with her foot on his chest, wielding a trisul at his neck as a threat to end his life. In desperation, Kiran pleads for forgiveness. Baji intervenes, halting Savi’s assault and placing Kiran under arrest. Meanwhile, Kiran’s mother contacts Bhavani for help.


While Ishan waits for Savi to take her exam, Prateek informs him that she has gone to play dandiya with Bajirao. Savi returns with Baji, discussing how she won the contest. When Ishan asks Savi where she is, he tells her to be ready for an exam by midnight. Bajirao says it wasn’t Savi’s fault. As Ishan walks holding Savi’s hand, he stops. Savi stops him. Bajirao says it’s not Savi’s fault.

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