Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan Takes Savi’s Test for UPSC Exam Prep!


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shantanu smiles. Ishan describes how he went to help Savi, but the two ended up locked in her room. Surekha asks if this issue appears like a joke for him, Savi boasts about her character and didn’t have any problems when Ishan spent the whole night in her room. Surekha asks why he didn’t call her. Ishan says he left his phone in his car. Nishi thinks he could have called Savi’s mobile.

Ishan mentioned that Savi’s phone battery died, and she left her charger at Shantanu’s place. He feels that they are making things more complicated than necessary. Surekha expresses her disappointment with his behavior. However, Ishan defends Savi, saying that demonizing her is unfair because she has been through a lot. Surekha warns him to stay away from Savi. Shantanu announces that he is tired and wants to go to bed, suggesting that Ishan do the same. The rest of the family disperses as well. Surekha believes she knows Savi’s intentions and vows not to let her trap Ishan. She declares that she will find him a suitable bride soon.

As Savi prepares for college, she glances at her wrist thread and realizes Ishan isn’t as terrible as initially thought. Later on, Surekha visits her and asks for permission to enter. Savi warmly welcomes her in. After admiring the room’s decor, Surekha inquires about the person who decorated it. Savi acknowledges Shukla’s help and mentions that Ishan also played a role. Hearing this, Surekha advises Savi to reach out to her directly if she needs any assistance in the future instead of bothering Ishan, who has many responsibilities with college and his personal life – including his upcoming marriage. Surprised by this news, Savi says she was unaware of Ishan’s engagement. As Surekha leaves, she reminds Savi to keep her words in mind.

After Ishan stops Savi and tells her she is running late for the lecture, Savi rushes toward her classroom. Savi says she had an unexpected guest. Ishan argues that she cannot call a guest in her hostel room. He asks Savi to breathe deeply until she reveals who the guest is. As Ishan hears this, she believes Surekha warned her to stay away from Savi, so she comes to meet him.

Savi says still 1 minute is left for her lecture. Ishan says he can go. Savi thinks he is Chidkiya. After attending the lecture, Savi talks with her friends about organizing women’s entrepreneur shops during the college Navrati festival. Ishan walks up to Savi and asks her to meet in the conference room immediately. Durva and her friends watch hiding as she talks to friends.

Savi and Ishan convene in the conference room, where he hands her the UPSC exam papers from the past 5 years and a 24-hour study schedule. He reminds her of their upcoming test and encourages her to use her time wisely. Savi teasingly remarks that she won’t have time to catch her breath. Ishan replies that hard work is necessary for UPSC preparation and urges her to begin studying immediately. Their playful banter continues as Savi devotes herself to learning in various locations such as the college library, hallway, and hostel until late at night, with the melodic tune of “Dunya Ka Nara Jame Raho..” echoing in the background.

At 5 a.m., Ishan calls Savi and tells her to get up. He says she’s already five minutes late and needs to get started studying. Savi asks him to let him sleep. Ishan tells her she’s outside her room. Savi rushes into the room and asks where he is. Ishan says he’s in his room and asks for her routine hurriedly like she hurriedly opened the door, and to be ready for the test at 11 a.m. lecture break. Savi prepares for the test anxiously.

Surekha notices Ishan searching for something and asks if he has found what he wants. Ishan responds that he’s trying to locate his UPSC prep books. Surekha suggests checking the storeroom as they may be stored there. She then inquires if his sister Durva also plans to take the UPSC exam. Ishan explains that it would be more beneficial for Durva to focus on passing her final exams, as she may not have the same level of preparation as him. Surekha questions why he is speaking negatively about his sister. Ishan clarifies that it is simply a fact and mentions that he sees potential in another family member, Savi, whom he is currently guiding toward success in the UPSC exam. He likens himself to Dronacharya and Savi to Arjun, even sharing that he recently tied a Mauli/thread on her wrist to symbolize their mentor-mentee bond.

Surekha stands envious as Durva overhears their conversation. Back in college, after a lecture, Ishan summons Savi to the board room for a test. Durva’s companions become envious and claim that Ishan is showing too much favoritism towards Savi despite them also being his students. Durva accuses Savi of manipulating Ishan and vows to make things difficult for her so that she no longer focuses on the UPSC exam. Ishan proceeds to administer Savi’s test while blasting loud music. Savi questions how she can concentrate under these circumstances. Ishan replies that she can’t expect a passing marriage procession to halt just for her studies. Their playful banter continues…


Ishan asks Surekha not to worry about his marriage as he already found a girl and shows Savi’s picture. Yashwant says Ishan will not agree to marry because of Reeva.

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