Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan’s Efforts to Help Savi Stay Back


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Then Ishan asks Savi if she is returning to Ramtek. She says no. Ishan says that means she’s going to Shantanu’s house; even he’s going there and can carpool to her. Ishan says indirect answers deserve indirect questions, and Savi says let’s go. He says he can tell her directly he wants to drop her off.

Ishan informs them that the sun rose from the west today while escorting Harini to his car. As they chat, Isha reminisces about Shantanu’s care for her while she packs her clothes. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Shantanu and Isha rush to answer it. They are surprised to see Ishan and Savi standing together at their doorstep. In an attempt to enter the house simultaneously, Ishan and Savi cause a commotion. Shantanu questions if something has happened again, and Ishan explains that she is still adamant about returning to Ramtek. Shantanu suggests that Savi stay with them instead, and he will move to the Bhosale house. Ishan agrees with him.

Isha has decided to take Savi back to Ramtek since she cannot allow her to stay here alone. Despite their continued argument, Ishan assured Savi he would arrange hostel accommodation for her. Shantanu agrees that this is a good plan. Following this conversation, Ishan departs from the scene. Meanwhile, Durva updates Surekha on how Ishan has tried his best to prevent Savi from leaving college and even insisted on driving her home. Surekha remarks that Savi is skilled at manipulating others. Durva adds that Ishan seemed easily swayed by Savi’s charms and punished his sister for her sake. Suspicious of Durva’s apparent naivety, Surekha probes further, and Durva reveals that Ishan is currently working on securing hostel accommodation for Savi.

Back at home, Ishan is lost in his thoughts. Prateek notices and asks what’s on his mind. Ishan responds that Savi is a difficult person to understand, and he can’t believe he was able to convince her to stay. Prateek comments that how they bicker back and forth makes them seem more like a couple than a teacher and student. Ishan dismisses this idea and praises Savi’s intelligence, stating that if she stays at Bhosale Institute for another year, she will become a perfect candidate for the IAS exam. He then heads off to arrange Savi’s accommodation in the hostel. Meanwhile, Savi admires the flowers that Ishan gave her as an apology. Suddenly, she pricks her hand on one of the thorns and muses that it must be from Ishan’s gifted flowers since they are known for having thorns in them.

When he checked the hostel accommodation list, Ishan was surprised to discover that Durva had been assigned a room in Savi’s place. After Savi’s application was canceled, the clerk informed him that Nishikant had included Durva’s name. Ishan questioned how Nishikant could have done this without consulting anyone. The clerk explained that Nishikant, the college owner, had given the orders. However, Ishan reminded him that the college belonged to the Bhosale Trust and all directors were required to follow the rules. He then requested that Durva’s name be replaced with Savi’s, but the clerk stated that 3 board members’ signatures were needed for that change. Unable to reach Nishikant, who was meeting with Yashwant, Ishan contacted two other board members and convinced them to sign an approval letter after explaining the situation.

She tells Yashwant that they need to act immediately as Savi has manipulated Ishan, who is attempting to get her hostel accommodation. Nishi has already given the room to someone else, so Yashwant tells her not to worry. Nishi says he included Durva’s name. When Yashwant realizes his dumb act, he says he should have included a fake name. Nishi apologizes to Yashwant and says Ishan will easily catch it.

It’s a cry from Durva, and she asks why they want to send her to a hostel as punishment. Nishi says they aren’t. Durva asks him not to lie and shows him a message that her hostel accommodations have been canceled. Yashwant looks shocked and thinks Ishan must have done something. After securing hostel accommodation for Savi, Ishan feels relaxed.


She invites Ishan to a farewell party given by Shantanu. Isha prays for a life partner who can understand him well. Shantanu says Savi. Isha asks really? Savi entangles decorative lights around her. Ishan tries to help her but gets lost in her gaze.

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