Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Virat calls Sai and tells her that she has nothing to do with his family and she doesn’t want to cause any trouble in his family. She called him with information and it’s up to him how to proceed. Sai tells Virat that Karishma’s boyfriend is not a good man, and she is sending his address to him so that he can warn that boy to stay away from Karishma. Virat asks what is going on.

Having heard that Bhavani had come to her house and created a drama in front of her neighbours, Virat makes up his mind as to how to explain to Bhavani not to worsen the situation. As Mohit looks at his and Karishma’s picture, he recalls Karishma accusing him and leaving home to stay with her boyfriend. He begins to drink heavily. Virat enters his room and stops him.

When their loved ones leave them, Mohit says they should convince them and bring them back home; he should apologize to Karishma and bring her home.

Mohit says Karishma had an affair and left him. Virat says he knows Karishma, she just needs his attention, he shouldn’t lose his love by doing the mistake that he did. Mohit says he doesn’t care where Karishma is and he considers her dead. In his mind, Virat thinks he will approach Karishma himself.

Sai calls Anandi and thanks her for telling her everything about Vinu. Anandi asks why Virat disclosed everything about Vinu. Anandi says she should ask Virat itself as it’s confidential information and disconnects the call. Sai thinks why Anandi was nervous, she needs to ask Virat.

Virat finds Karishma in a pool of blood writhing in pain when he arrives at her boyfriend’s house. The news anchor tongue lashes Bhavani for acting as a social activist and reformer, while her own daughter has an affair and left home, etc. Sai calls for help and asks her to reach Karishma’s house right away.

As she scolds Sonali, Omkar says Sonali is already in sorrow over Mohit’s atheism and blames Sai instead for provoking Karishma. Upon entering, Ashwini says they blame Sai for everything. Bhavani screams that they saw Sai humiliate them before in front of neighbours and describes how she created drama outside Sai’s residence.

As Sai reaches Karishma’s house, she notices her in pain. She lies Karishma on the bed and fears Karishma miscarried. Ashwini weaves clothes for Shivani’s baby. Ashwini asks Pakhi why she doesn’t take care of herself and doesn’t eat while she prepares her favourite food always. Pakhi returns Ashwini’s gifted jewellery and says that she doesn’t deserve it.

Pakhi says what should she do when Virat preferred Sai over her and saved Sai first; now Virat is openly roaming with Sai, and she feels ill-fated and she cannot change it. Ashwini asks her to stop thinking negatively and focus on recovering soon. Ashwini says she understands her pain because she has experienced the same thing, but she didn’t give up because her son was with her. Pakhi has her son Vinu and should live for him as well.

A woman has other desires as well and why should a woman always compromise, she wanted her own child and that’s never going to happen again. Ashwin comforts her.

Virat sees Sai laughing with Vinu and thinks Virat is hiding her son’s truth. Sai knows her son is alive and knows she will find him. Virat will get his information soon, and that day will be tough for him.

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