Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th April 2023 Written Update on

Sai and Savi contemplate their living arrangements and consider staying with Aaji/Usha. However, Sai realizes that Vinu Dada’s family is his own, and they won’t be able to move with them. Savi suggests that Sai should become Vinu Dada’s wife, but Sai dismisses the idea, stating that her father is already married. They both feel helpless and unsure of what to do next.

Sai decides that Aaji should live with Vinu Dada’s family, just like before, and she embraces Savi for support. At the hospital, nurse Sheetal asks Dr. Satya if he didn’t like any of the girls he met. Satya explains that it’s not about liking or disliking someone, but rather having similar thoughts and goals. Sheetal expresses her belief that marriage is about having children and leading a happy life. Satya admits that he hasn’t found what he’s looking for and asks her to continue her shift. He ponders how he will find a suitable girl within 24 hours and prays for divine intervention.

Meanwhile, Sai starts packing her bags, and Vinu enters the room, noticing her actions. He inquires if she’s going somewhere, and Sai reveals that they are returning to their own house. Savi assures Vinu that she will visit him during the holidays so they can still spend time together. Vinu wonders if Savi is angry with him, but Sai assures him that she cannot be angry with anyone. Vinu confesses that he is no longer afraid of Sai and considers her a guardian angel instead of a sorceress. He pleads with her not to leave, but Sai explains that there is no other option.

Bhavani overhears their conversation and realizes that Sai is leaving Virat. She determines to intervene and stop Sai’s departure. Bhavani calls Virat, but he is lost in his thoughts while driving and misses the call. Eventually, Virat regains his focus and answers the call. Bhavani informs him about Sai’s decision to leave and urges him to reach home quickly to stop her. Virat is shocked and resolves not to let Sai and their daughter leave. He is ready to confront Sai to prevent them from being separated.

Sai, accompanied by Savi, enters the living room with her packed bags. Bhavani questions her about her intentions, and Sai calmly states that she is returning home. Bhavani argues that it is the wrong decision and warns Sai about the consequences of hasty choices. Sai asserts that hasty decisions may occur, but conspiracies are often planned with careful consideration. Other family members gather around and inquire about Sai’s plans. Bhavani accuses Sai of madness and expresses her disbelief that Sai wants to leave Chavan Nivas.

Ashwini instructs Harini to take Savi inside, but Sai stops them. Ninad asks for an explanation, and Sai sends Savi with Harini while she stays back. Ashwini questions if something is wrong, but Sai reassures her that nothing is amiss. Sai decides it is best for her to leave for the sake of others and to avoid any further complications. Pakhi overhears this and silently expresses her relief. Ninad questions why Sai wants to go, and she explains that she came here for her son, and now that her son no longer hates her, it is enough for her. Bhavani reminds Sai of the consequences of leaving once before and warns her against repeating the same mistake. Sai recalls the past incident and reiterates that leaving is the best decision for everyone involved, and she has thought it through thoroughly.

Virat enters the room with anxiety and exclaims that Sai has made a foolish decision. He locks the doors and windows, determined to explain his perspective to her until she understands. Virat firmly states that he will not allow Sai and their daughter to go anywhere. He grabs Sai’s hand and pulls her towards a room. Sai frees her hand and questions if he has lost his mind. Virat pleads with her to let him explain, dragging her into a room and closing the door behind them. Sai reminds him that she is not his wife for him to behave in such a manner.

Virat hands her an envelope and insists that she look at it. Sai is shocked to discover divorce papers inside. Virat reveals that even before he expressed his feelings for her, he had already decided to leave Pakhi. Sai inquires if Pakhi is aware of his decision. Virat admits that she doesn’t know yet, but she is aware that their relationship lacks the bond of husband and wife. Sai questions if he believes everything is a game, where he can hold people’s hands and let go of them whenever he pleases. Virat holds Sai’s hand and expresses his desire to end Pakhi’s suffering in a relationship that only brings her sadness and pain. He wants to give Sai the place that has always belonged to her. Overwhelmed with emotion, he breaks down.

Ashwini declares that she will not tolerate Virat’s mistreatment of Sai and moves towards the room. Bhavani stops her, stating that Virat has the right to speak to the mother of his children, and no one can prevent him from doing so. Pakhi, claiming her position as Virat’s wife, asserts that she has the right to question him for locking himself in a closed room with another woman. She vows to stop Virat. Sai informs Virat that she cannot give him another chance, as people will label her as a home wrecker. She believes that he is making these decisions solely because she has re-entered his life. Virat shouts that he made this decision because he was leading a lifeless existence without her, and her presence makes him feel alive. Sai argues that he is ruining multiple lives by his actions and reiterates that she has already informed him that she cannot return to him. He is free to do as he wishes, but she will not destroy someone else’s life.


Sai tells Virat that when they were together, she used to consider Pakhi as the other woman, and now she doesn’t want Pakhi to see her as the second woman. Virat assures her that no one will label her as such and locks the door of her room from the outside to prevent her from leaving.

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