Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th July 2023 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi assures Ishan that she is prepared for the interview. He responds by stating that they are not yet prepared and requests her to inform Isha Madam that the board members have rejected her application. Curious, Savi asks for the reason behind their decision. Yashwanth explains that their college prides itself on its reputation and will not compromise its rules by admitting just anyone. Feeling hurt, Savi questions if their college only accepts students from the city, as she went through a lot of trouble to come here and believes she deserves a chance. She acknowledges that she may be late in applying, but since the merit list has not been published yet, it implies she still has an opportunity.

She requests Shantanu to give her once chance and she will certainly clear entrance exam. Yashwanth says her teacher must have taught her that she would easily get admission here. Savi says no, her teacher won’t teach wrong to any student and she makes her students so capable that they are capable of passing any test. Ishan says she won’t get admission here.

Why can’t she, is it because she’s from a village or came with a teacher’s reference or slept in his cabin by mistake, she won’t accept rejection without valid reason, and if there is such a rule, they should give her a written explanation with a valid explanation. Savi requests he to give her a chance to prove herself; he cannot deny her right to study, and she will file an RTI if he cannot give a written statement. Yashwanth says they will not give a written statement.

Savi says she’s just requesting him to give her a chance to prove herself. If she’s threatening Yashwanth Bhosale, he shouts she came with a teacher’s reference. Ishan says they won’t give Savi a chance since she looks bright. Shantanu says they conduct interviews to test students’ capabilities. He asks her to attend at noon tomorrow. She thanks him. Isha, who bravely fought for her rights, inspires Shantanu.

Vinu drops Harini off at her in-law’s house. She kindly declines his offer to pay for the auto fare and insists on carrying her own bag. They ring the doorbell and are greeted by Kiran, who appears surprised to see them. Vinu explains that he promised to bring Harini tai along. Kiran welcomes them inside and informs his parents. The mother-in-law makes a snide remark, questioning if Harini came to their house by mistake. The father-in-law asks about Savi’s wedding, to which Harini responds that it did not happen as planned. He then asks if the groom refused to marry Savi, but Harini explains that it was actually her decision not to go through with the marriage due to the groom’s negative traits of being an alcoholic, drug addict, and womanizer. Instead, Savi eloped from the wedding.

Savi calls Isha to share her success in convincing the board members to grant her an interview. Isha expresses happiness for Savi’s opportunity. Savi recounts encountering an arrogant board member, specifically Ishan, who seemed unreasonably upset with Isha. Isha inquires if anyone else was present during the incident. Savi explains that the others also opposed her, but Shantanu showed support and made her feel as though she were speaking to Isha. Isha advises Savi to focus on the interview and ends the call. However, Savi soon realizes she left her ID card in Ishan’s office.

Savi’s teacher provoked her, Vinu says. Vinu tells Kiran’s family. MIL asks where Savi is now. Vinu says Pune. MIL says Savi has eloped and is having an affair. Vinu says they won’t accept her back home. Kiran tells his parents that they got him married in the wrong house. Vinu says he shouldn’t blame their family for their daughter’s mistakes.

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