Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th October 2023 Ishan Attempts to Fix Savi’s Door Lock


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ishan attempts to fix the jammed door lock in Savi’s hostel room. After asking if she has any oil, Savi mentions that she has already tried without success. Ishan then asks for a chance to try himself, and Savi willingly gives him the oil. With oil on the lock, Ishan proclaims it’s now fixed. However, he also brings up Savi’s tendency to criticize their college rather than find solutions to her problems. As they continue to banter, Savi decides to test whether the door truly opens. Her lack of trust takes them aback. Ishan tries opening the door himself, but it remains locked. Frustrated with the turn of events, Savi comments that she was previously unable to close the door and now cannot open it, making her feel trapped. This leads to a playful argument between them. On a different note, Surekha prepares Ishan’s favorite food for dinner while Anvi announces something special for tonight. Surekha says there doesn’t need to be a reason for preparing Ishan’s favorite food and that she will always support him. Suddenly, Shantanu enters and accuses Surekha

The ongoing nok jhok between Savi and Ishan persists, as she reminds him to contact Shukla for assistance. However, Ishan remembers that he accidentally left his phone in the car. Savi admits that she also forgot her phone at Shantanu’s house. They continue to point fingers at each other. The family rejoices as Shantanu returns home and warmly welcomes him back. They express how much they missed him. Asmita and Shikha extend an invitation for dinner while Shantanu offers Isha’s homemade laddus and proudly announces that she made them alone. Surekha remarks on Isha’s independence, noting that she may have decided to leave again on her own accord.

Nishi says let’s not talk about it. Shantanu asks where Yashwant and Ishan are, and Surekha replies that Yashwant is out of town and that Ishan is in his room. Anvi calls Ishan and finds him not at home. They call him and find him not picking up the call. Ishan does not like partying, so Shantanu calls Prateek, who informs him he’s at a party and that Ishan isn’t with him.

Shantanu gets angry and tries to respond, but Nishi asks him to calm down. Surekha says Ishan must be upset because of Isha and blames Isha for ruining his life. Surekha continues yelling at Isha. Shantanu says Ishan is not a kid and knows what he is doing. Ishan gets upset when Savi prepares Maggi for him and offers Laddu. Ishan says he likes besan laddu, but Savi says Isha prepared it. He gets upset.


Savi says she came here to fulfill her mother’s wish and will surely become an IAS officer. Ishan ties a thread around Savi’s wrist and promises to help her achieve her dream.

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