Shocking Twist in 5th November 2023 Episode: Pankhuri’s Seizures Unveil Deception | Written Update


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Raj is taken aback at the sight of Pankhuri convulsing on the floor. Sumeet suspects that she may be faking it. Raj lifts Pankhuri and lays her down on the bed. She expresses her guilt and feels like a burden. Raj suggests that Sumeet take care of Priyanka while he looks after Pankhuri, but Sumeet insists on waiting for Dr Khurana to assess her as the previous doctor’s treatment has not been effective. He trusts Dr Khurana’s expertise in psychiatry to detect any false claims of mental illness. Meanwhile, Pankhuri worries about how she can avoid being caught by Dr Khurana if she deceives him.

Pankhuri drops Mayra’s photo frame. Sumeet brings Dr Khurana inside and talks about her previous doctor telling her she needs to be treated in America or she will suffer a mental breakdown. As Sumeet understands, Pankhuri is acting to prevent doctors from seeing her daughter. She starts acting to say she wants to go to Mayra. Poonam says it’s good that Pankhuri returned home. Sumeet says she will call Dr Khurana tomorrow morning.

Shlok adorns the room for Sumeet and playfully interacts with her, but his mood changes when she brings up Pankhuri’s odd behavior toward the new doctor. He apologizes for his brusque attitude and reminds Sumeet of Raj’s advice not to harm Pankhuri. Meanwhile, Anju thanks Poonam for expertly managing the last-minute situation, saving them from losing a client. Sumeet joins in and commends Poonam for her exceptional handling of the event. However, Poonam humbly passes the credit to Anju, acknowledging that she has spent her life taking care of household duties. Sumeet then remarks on the immense responsibility that comes with managing a home.

Poonam commends Sumeet for her ability to maintain a perfect balance in managing everything and refers to her as a blessing to their family. Anju expresses envy and requests that Poonam acknowledge her as she handles household chores and events. Sumeet lovingly embraces and assures her she is the best, bringing a smile back to Anju’s face. Pankhuri inquires from Priyanka about her earlier conversation with Raj. Priyanka reveals that she was moved by the fact that Raj took time out of his busy schedule to visit her when she was unwell.

Pankhuri asks Priyanka if he and Raj have already kissed. Priyanka says Raj has applied turmeric paste to her rashes and even caressed her hair, which makes Pankhuri jealous. She decides to harm Priyanka’s hair. As Sumeet checks on Priyanka, Pankhuri is about to cut her hair. Sumeet switches on the light and asks Pankhuri what she does while holding scissors.

When Sumeet gives Pankhuri medicine, she hesitates to take it. Pankhuri fools Sumeet and refuses to take it. Poonam tells Sumeet about the childhood incident when Pankhuri spoils the doll Priyanka gets from Ashok. Anju jokes that Priyanka is getting Raj and wonders if Pankhuri can ruin it. At the end of the episode, Sumeet realizes Pankhuri wants Raj.

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