Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th December 2023 Written Update: Rohit and Ruhi Adjust to Married Life, Armaan Faces Family’s Curiosity

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the first scene, Armaan says, “I won’t try to become your husband. It’s a deal.” He shakes hands with Abhira. He asks why there is a traffic jam. The cousins tease him and ask for money. Rohit asks how much money do you want. Aryan says 25000rs. They say 25000rs per person. Rohit says 1 lakh is too much, and we will keep the EMI. They joke. Manoj says, Take the money now. Manisha asks Rohit to take blessings and go. Rohit gets shy and leaves. Everyone smiles.

Manisha says Rohit got married, so we should think about Armaan. Manoj replies that guests asked why the elder son didn’t marry first. Rohit knocks at his door, sees Ruhi, compliments her, and then gets back. He apologizes. Did I do anything wrong? He says no, I’m sorry. We didn’t know each other one week ago, and today, we’re married. I need some time to adjust to this marriage.

He says it’s obvious: an arranged marriage. I know love eventually happens; it takes time; why were you awkward? We’ll become friends first; will you become my friend? She thanks him and shakes hands. Abhira sees her house and cries. Armaan says it won’t be easy, so take your time. She says I’ll come along. He asks her to think. She says mumma is not here, so what will I do here? She takes her bag. It opens. She sees Akshara’s picture and thinks of her. Maa….plays…

Upon receiving Rohit’s message, Armaan is reminded of Akshara’s passing. Overcome with grief, he contacts Vidya for support. Concerned for his well-being, she inquires about his progress on the task. Despite facing numerous challenges and admitting defeat, Vidya reassures him that he did his best and encourages him to return home soon. She also reminds him to get a gift for Rohit as he missed his wedding due to the unexpected turn of events. Later, Abhira asks Vidya what she plans to tell their family about her involvement in Armaan’s failure. Vidya calmly responds that Armaan did not achieve success but assures them that he would not do anything to tarnish their family’s honor. Dadi then suggests finding a suitable girl for Armaan to marry.

Vidya assures you you will have a deep affection for his wife. Abhira inquires about his family’s reaction. He responded that we would discover it upon returning home. Meanwhile, Yuvraj is on the phone, engaged in a heated argument with Sanjay. Yuvraj declares I will not let Armaan get away with this. Apologizing for his mistake, Sanjay suggests that it was also Yuvraj’s fault for not keeping the truth from him. Frustrated, Yuvraj hangs up the call and vows to find Abhira, asserting she belongs only to him. Sanjay blames Armaan for causing Yuvraj’s outburst and calls him to question his actions in stopping Yuvraj’s wedding.

It’s early in the morning. Manisha and Vidya are helping Ruhi make her first rasam with rasoi. Vidya is delighted. She tells Ruhi not to add raisins or cashews. Ruhi replies I will keep separate bowls and add sugar accordingly. Vidya praises her. Manisha says I’m the same. They talk about their likes. Manisha asks when Armaan will return. Vidya says she doesn’t know. Ruhi asks where Armaan went. Manisha says he’s Rohit’s older brother.

Vidya informs everyone that Ruhi and Armaan are friends so that she can address him by his name. She then requests Ruhi to apologize to Dadi for her actions. As Ruhi brings the kheer, Dadi mentions that Armaan is currently in Mussoorie. Due to the unexpected news, Ruhi loses her balance, but Rohit quickly comes to her aid and asks if she’s alright. Amid the conversation, Madhav defends Armaan’s character, stating that he never makes mistakes. Dadi playfully reminds Madhav of a past incident in which he also made a mistake. To continue the celebration, Vidya serves Ruhi some kheer, which receives high praise from Dadi. The whole family applauds as Dadi presents shagun (blessings) to Ruhi. Apologizing for her previous mistake, Ruhi seeks forgiveness from Dadi, who graciously accepts it and shares exciting news about Manisha’s arrival into their household.

It’s a joke, Manisha says. Dadi tells Kajal that Rohit is Maasa’s favorite. Rohit says no, Armaan is her favorite. He’s so sweet. Abhira and Armaan are in a hotel room. Abhira asks why Armaan brought me here. He says he can’t tell them yet. She asks why. He says my brother got married yesterday. She says you came here for my mother.


The surprise Rohit is getting for everyone is revealed to everyone by Dadi. Rohit and Ruhi arrive home. Armaan gets Abhira home. He announces that she is the bahu of the house.

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