Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2023 on

In the opening scene, Abhimanyu is seen conversing with Akshara. He reminds her to take good care of their son, Abhir, and hands her a post-operation file detailing his recovery progress – he can now walk, run and play football. Manish observes them and silently prays for a smooth recovery. Abhimanyu emphasizes the importance of rest for Abhir’s healing process. Aarohi joins them and Abhimanyu gives her a pain relief spray for her hands. He expresses his gratitude towards Aarohi for being supportive despite the recent events. She reassures him that Abhir holds a special place in her heart too. Abhimanyu then encourages Aarohi to go home and spend time with her daughter Roohi. Aarohi agrees and they share a moment of happiness as Manjiri blesses Aarohi’s kind actions.

According to Roohi, you spent four days in the hospital. Abhir expresses his desire to return home. The group engages in conversation, joined by Aarohi and Akshara who also arrive to speak with their children. Aarohi notes that it is time for the kids to go to school. Meanwhile, Roohi suggests meeting up with Abhir later. Aarohi agrees but reminds them of the importance of school first. Manish and others gather around Abhir, where he expresses his wishes being fulfilled and shares a complaint with Manish. In typical fashion, Abhinav attempts a joke which falls flat, much to the amusement of Akshara and Abhir. Neela offers food to Abhir while Dadi chimes in that it’s only a matter of days before he can have what he truly wants, suggesting he think of alternative requests in the meantime. Excitedly, Abhir announces his desire to visit Kasauli and reunite with friends there. He acknowledges his sister Roohi for always being there for him but admits missing his own home as well. However, with promises of returning later on, Manish grants permission for their trip to Kasauli to take place

Kairav assures us that Abhir’s absence won’t be felt much. He confidently offers to handle all the arrangements. Manish inquires if it’s acceptable for Abhir to move. Abhinav suggests seeking Abhimanyu’s opinion on the matter. Abhir agrees, mentioning how much Abhimanyu worries about him. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu overhears Manjiri discussing the hearing date. He expresses his concern for not wanting to argue in court and potentially jeopardizing Abhir’s recovery and future. Akshara adds that there are only two days until the hearing and they have no other option but to take care of Abhir. Just then, a courier arrives for her from Abhimanyu, likely containing the court papers. She opens it with a smile on her face.

She informs Abhinav that the case has been put on hold by Abhimanyu. A surprised Abhinav asks for confirmation, to which she replies affirmatively. Dadi adds that it was God’s plan all along. Kairav expresses his disbelief, calling it unbelievable. Manish states that Abhir is dear to Abhimanyu. Akshara agrees and mentions that he is slowly coming to terms with the situation and believes Abhir will be happier with them. Abhinav praises her as a better parent, having put aside his fears for Abhir’s well-being and undergoing surgery. He acknowledges that it will be difficult for him to be away from his son but it’s necessary for Abhir’s sake. Manish decides to inform Abhir about the change in plans, while Abhinav suggests they also discuss their Kasauli trip with Abhimanyu. She agrees and says she’ll talk to him about it later. Kairav voices concern about whether or not he’ll agree, but she proceeds to call him anyway. To their disappointment, they reach his voicemail stating he is currently unavailable due to a medical camp. Kairav suggests they don’t bother him now, but Abhinav

Manish agrees with Abhinav’s sentiments, reminding Akshara that small mistakes have the potential to ruin things. He urges her to think carefully before acting. Akshara inquires about how they will reach their destination, to which Abhimanyu responds that he is currently occupied treating patients at a medical camp. He mentions that he came for the purpose of earning blessings for his junior and expresses a wish to be able to contact Abhir via network. In the meantime, a boy arrives with his father seeking treatment from Abhimanyu. Upon seeing the similarities between the boy and Abhir, Abhimanyu can’t help but smile. He proceeds to treat the boy and assures his father that he will be able to resume playing football soon. Aarohi interjects, asserting her role as a doctor and her inability to allow this activity given his current condition. However, Akshara and Abhinav explain the significance of football in Abhir’s life, leading Aarohi to agree on informing Abhimanyu and giving permission for this excursion while emphasizing precautions such as wearing a mask and staying away from dust and mud for safety measures during their trip.

Akshara expresses her gratitude and asks Shefali to convey her love to Roohi. Shefali then suggests that Akshara should speak directly to Abhimanyu about it. Aarohi agrees, unsure of how he will react. Suddenly, she notices Manjiri’s presence. Appreciating Muskaan’s hard work, Akshara reminds everyone that they have no right to let her go so easily. However, Neela disagrees and insists on making Muskaan leave their house. Anticipating Neela’s response, Akshara thanks her for considering Muskaan’s admission in the hostel. Knowing that Neela won’t stay angry with Muskaan for too long, Akshara assures everyone that things will eventually work out. Overwhelmed with emotions, Muskaan hugs Neela and cries. After comforting Muskaan, Neela confirms if she is happy now. Putting a positive spin on things, Abhir makes a promise to everyone that once Suvarna returns, they will all go to Kasauli together and have a great time. In an act of solidarity, Manish and the rest join hands.


Akshara and Abhinav took Abhir to Kasauli, Akshara says welcome home boys. Abhimanyu calls her and says I want you here.

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