Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

We begin the episode with Abhinav introducing all his family members to the audience. Surekha says we’re doing all the work, we’ll decorate the ring in plate, Muskaan gets it. Abhinav says she kept it in Neela’s locker, I’m going to the market, I’ll get it when I get back. Muskaan says the ring isn’t in the locker, I lost it. Everyone watches as Surekha asks if everyone heard it. Muskaan says there’s no ring in the locker.

Neela and Surekha were engaged in a heated argument about a ring that went missing. Neela insisted that she did not lose it on purpose, while Surekha implied that if Neela couldn’t handle a small ring, how could she manage the responsibilities of a family? Neela pleaded with them not to scold her, suggesting that perhaps the ring was simply misplaced. But Surekha continued to taunt her. Akshara then intervened and asked them to stop. She herself got into an argument with Surekha, who replied that if the ring was indeed stolen, there must have been a thief present. Abhinav reminded them to keep their voices down as they had guests over. Suvarna and Dadi also tried to calm Surekha down and emphasized that it wasn’t about the money. However, Surekha stubbornly maintained that it was also a matter of responsibility, even if they were willing to let go of the monetary value of the ring.

Akshara gets angry. Abhinav says Muskaan isn’t such a girl. Dadi says we know she is a gem, Sasural gives the ring as a hope and Bahu takes it as a responsibility, Surekha is right, we lost the hope we fixed in that ring, which upset us. Muskaan cries. Surekha says stop crying and come to the point, where is the ring. Muskaan says it’s here, Muskaan, you’ve left it in the temple, we keep things safe, so stop crying, Mahadev protected it.

He signs them when he sees Abhir and Ruhi crying. He remembers them giving him the ring. Ruhi says we took it and forgot it with our toys. Abhir says please give them the ring, otherwise we will get scolded. Abhimanyu makes them promise. They say we promise not to make this mistake again. Afterwards, Akshara hand Surekha the ring and says it wasn’t stolen, so keep it safe or you might get blamed. Abhinav and Neela thank Abhimanyu.

He asks Makihiri to take his medicine. Abhir says you can’t catch him when I run fast. She says I’ll be there when you turn behind and see me. The lady asks if Abhir is Sharma ji’s son. He says yes. He takes the guests. Muskaan recalls Surekha’s words. Abhimanyu, Abhir, and Ruhi wear smiley masks and come to cheer her on. Seeing the kids tickle Muskaan, Kairav and Aarohi look on, and he says, “I can’t believe Surekha did this. I’ll talk to her about it.”

Abhimanyu thanks him and says that you took a stand for Muskaan; I will talk to her. She says no, be with Muskaan, I’ll talk to her. He says I did this for Muskaan, talk to Surekha once, this doesn’t look good to me. He says we will get Muskaan’s favorite ice cream. They leave. Muskaan says sorry. Kairav says you keep writing sorry on a book. She asks why you are saying this. He asks her to smile, otherwise he’ll tickle her. They have a moment. He kisses her. She gets shy talking to him. He hugs her.

Abhinav expresses uncertainty about how tomorrow will pan out, prompting Akshara to feed him. She playfully mentions the possibility of guests making comments about her not taking good care of him and encourages him to relax. She assures him that they will handle everything together. Aware of the upcoming event, Dadi urges everyone to hurry up as the auspicious time is in an hour. Abhinav reassures her not to worry and mentions that Abhimanyu and the kids are already ready. Manjiri applies kajal on them, for which they express gratitude. Suvarna lovingly embraces Kairav and Muskaan, applying kajal on them as well.

Abhir serves the juice drinks to everyone. Ruhi offers to help, but Aarohi reminds her that she is in charge of decorating the flowers. The ladies express their gratitude towards Abhir, recognizing him as the sensible son of Abhinav. Abhinav proudly acknowledges his son and introduces himself and his wife Akshara to the guests. They engage in conversation about Abhir and acknowledge him as Sharma ji’s son. However, Manjiri clarifies that he is not just Abhir Sharma but also Abhir B… Her words are cut short by Akshara, who adds that he is also Goenka, as he is her son. Seeing this exchange between Manjiri and Akshara, Abhimanyu looks on curiously before Manjiri excuses herself to cook prasad. Unfortunately, Akshara accidentally burns her hand while cooking and Manjiri quickly comes to her aid by dipping it in water. She then leaves to get some toothpaste.


As Akshara tells Abhimanyu that she loves him, Manjiri looks on in tears.

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