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The episode begins with Pallavi approaching Vikram and revealing that Rhea’s behavior has drastically changed since their conversation. Vikram inquires about her intentions, to which Pallavi responds that she wants to prevent the engagement from happening and break it altogether. He adds that Rhea never wanted Ranbir to belong to anyone else. Pallavi objects, stating that Rhea has no authority over him. Vikram agrees, emphasizing that she never had any right over him in the first place. He asserts that Pallavi failed to notice this before, but it is clear now as she did not give Rhea the space, freedom, and autonomy to make her own decisions.

Pallavi and Vikram are both clearly still upset over Rhea’s actions. Pallavi reassures Vikram that he is right, explaining that when she was in a relationship with Rhea, she never behaved this way. Vishaka chimes in, agreeing with their sentiments and adding that Rhea may have slipped away from their control, but they should not dwell on the past. She urges them to focus on enjoying the present and not give Rhea any attention or power over them. Reminding them that they have guests waiting for them, Vishaka encourages them to let go of the past and move forward without worrying about Rhea’s actions. With her words, Vikram and Pallavi follow her out of the room.

Then Ranbir asks Prachi and Rhea to respond to him. Prachi says this is ridiculous. Ranbir says this was my life’s torture and story. Prachi asks, really? Ranbir asks, did you not realize how you both ruined my life? He says that Rhea was our college’s most wanted girl, and everyone wanted her, and I even felt that I liked her, but she rejected me. It is not like that, Rhea says. He asks her to be quiet, and tells her, “I’m not talking to you now.”

He informs Prachi that Rhea was never genuinely interested in him. She had made it clear that in order for her to agree, he must first win over Prachi’s heart and then break it. However, things changed when Rhea realized that Ranbir and Prachi had fallen for each other. That’s when she started pretending to love him, not for her own sake but to humiliate Prachi. And now, the situation has caused both of you sisters to decide my fate. Upon hearing this, Prachi denies it as being true. But Ranbir stands firm in his statement and reminds her how she once professed her love for him but also valued her parents greatly. He admits that he foolishly believed her words because he was deeply in love with her.

He recalls how I agreed to your sacrifice and sat with Rhea on the mandap, but couldn’t go through with the marriage and ended up coming back to you. He explains that we were reunited for a short period of time before being separated again. He mentions how Rhea threatened him to marry her, leading to your return. He remembers how he tried to tell you that he didn’t want to marry Rhea, but you didn’t listen. He questions why both sisters had to trap him and pleads for her to leave him alone and find a way to break their connection. He desperately asks her not to burden him with thoughts of her anymore, begging for his freedom.

He then asks Rhea to leave him, and says I am not stone-hearted and I feel pain. He tells Rhea to leave him, and says you both just think about yourself, and says my one wound does not heal, when another comes, and that I do not want to be trapped between you both. Whatever relationship we three have, he ends it today. He says he has no relationship and wants freedom from you both. He tells Rhea that he respectfully asks her to leave. Rhea asks, don’t you love me?

Asked when I told you, Ranbir gave you misunderstanding. He claims I have always said that I don’t love you, and that whatever we did in college was my infatuation, childhood attraction. Rhea says she loves him, but Ranbir says it is not love, but madness. He reminds her that he apologized to her the second time and said that he couldn’t marry her. Prachi asks if you have not married Rhea yet? You were in my heart, mind, and soul, but were in my head instead of being with me.

He informs me that my marriage with Rhea was not possible, so he went to your wedding ceremony. He overheard you mentioning to Shahana that Akshay is your ideal match, and claims that he was present at the time. Rhea urges him not to replace Prachi with Mihika, assuring him that Prachi is no longer a factor between them and she can fulfill his wishes. However, Ranbir argues that love cannot be forced and asserts that he will be proposing to Mihika, regardless of anyone’s attempts to sway him. Rhea stops him in his tracks and grabs hold of the container of kerosene from his grasp. She proceeds to threaten Ranbir into rethinking his decision.

Prachi pleads with Ranbir to intervene, but he dismisses her and instead encourages Rhea to continue. He declares that he knows all of Rhea’s schemes and offers to assist her. Handing her a matchstick, he allows her to carry out her intentions towards anyone she chooses. Concerned for Rhea’s safety, Prachi implores Ranbir to take action and prevent any harm from coming to her. However, Ranbir callously responds that he doesn’t care if she dies. Unfazed by his words, Rhea asserts that she will not die but rather live with him and make sure he never belongs to anyone else. She then exits the kitchen. Worried about the potential consequences, Prachi questions why Ranbir would risk Rhea’s life like that. But he confidently replies that he knows Rhea better than Prachi and is certain she would never harm herself.

Everyone thinks Rhea is up to something when she beats the spoon on the plate. Dida and Shahana are worried. Akshay wonders what she will do since she still loves Ranbir. I didn’t get the attention I deserve, Rhea says. This is very important to me, and she tells you to make sure you don’t miss it, all eyes will be on me.

Rhea asks who among you all thinks I am not beautiful and pretty. Everyone is surprised. She says that everyone is quiet, which means that I am beautiful and pretty. She says I am also very educated, a graduate, and I am good at managing the house and cooking food as well. Despite her beauty and brains, she said she is able to handle business too.

Mrs. Pallavi Vikram Kohli introduces herself as my mother-in-law and claims that Prachi, a girl who is with her, is the source of my sorrows. I am unsure why this other girl, Shahana, has taken my place in Prachi’s heart and why Prachi loves her instead of me. She also mentions that Vikram, whom she refers to as “sasur ji,” is a devoted husband who fulfills all his wife’s wishes and commands. Prachi interrupts and tells Rhea to stop speaking nonsense. She scolds Rhea for trying to mislead others by falsely claiming to be related to them. Prachi suggests they move aside to have a private conversation instead of causing confusion among everyone else.

Rhea is upset about Shahana and thinks she’s the reason for all her problems. She believes that if her sister was a better person, her life would be perfect. Rhea is convinced that Ranbir is the one for her, but Prachi doesn’t see it and has manipulated him. She feels like Ranbir doesn’t know what he wants and is frustrated with his indecision. Rhea also expresses her dislike for Prachi, calling her a “cheap sister.” However, Ranbir interrupts and tells Rhea to stop. Rhea then asks Mihika if she’s upset by what was said, but claims she didn’t say anything about her. She advises Mihika to let go of any hope of being with Ranbir, as he will never marry her and she shouldn’t live in shame because of it. Finally, Rhea declares her love for Ranbir once again and tells everyone else to stay away from him because he belongs to her.


Rhea holds a knife in her hand, saying leave Ranbir, he is mine else. Mihika asks her to die and says I won’t care.

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