Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2023 Written Update

Written episode of Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

After forcing the Inspector to arrest Dida, Aaliya tells the Constable he cannot arrest her. Inspector asks Constable to arrest her. Vikram tells Aaliya that Dida has never committed any crime. Aaliya says she slapped her and can kill her later. Vikram says Dida is a mother.

It is painful for Rhea to see Dida’s arrest, even though she’s always been blessed by her. She asks Aaliya to take back the complaint if she wants to be part of her life. Aaliya asks Inspector not to arrest Dida.

Ashok searches for Ranbir and comes to him. The goons panic and consider doing something. He comes to the room and sees the goons with turbans on their heads and Ranbir with a beard in a wheelchair. Ranbir is unconscious and wearing a turban. The goon claims that he is his cousin and he is very drunk. Shahana seeks him out.

The goon calls Aaliya and says they have made Ranbir faint, but they couldn’t take him out. Aaliya asks them to leave with Ranbir from there. Ashok tells Akshay that Ranbir is not here. Akshay says he would have felt food if he had been here. Vishaka asks who is he. Akshay says he has helped me unite with Prachi.

When the goons were taking Ranbir out, Shahana stopped them and asked them to look at the decoration, as it was falling. She asks who is he. The goon says he is his cousin who was drunk, so they made him sit in a wheel chair. They leave Ranbir and go to the side. Shahana asks them to keep the decoration neat.

The doctor checks Dida and asks her not to take any stress. Aaliya apologizes to Dida and blames Prachi, saying if Ranbir hadn’t left Rhea on mandap and Dida hadn’t slapped her she wouldn’t have called the police. She apologizes. Dida forgives her. Vikram says you can’t do the same thing again. Aaliya says she will stay with Rhea as she needs her, and leaves. Vikram is unhappy.

Ashok comes near Ranbir while talking, and Ranbir comes to his senses as he sees Prachi and Akshay on the mandap. Shahana asks the goons to check the decorations. Ranbir’s moustache is about to fall, and he comes back to his senses. Ranbir is drowsy due to the chloroform effect. The goons come to Ranbir and tell Shahana that he will be taken outside since his mother has arrived. Prachi looks at Ranbir but does not identify him.

When Visaka asks Prachi why she hasn’t gotten married yet, despite her beauty, Akshay’s mother explains that today’s children decide on their own. Akshay’s mother is taken aside by Vishaka who tells her you are not a member of the family, and that you were thrown out years ago.

You are invited to the wedding because you gave birth to Akshay. She insults her, won’t let her speak, and asks her to wipe away her tears so she can come.

Aaliya comes and asks what is the point in crying now, and says all this is happening because of you. She says he has left you again for Prachi because he cannot be loyal.

Asked what I would have done if I had a choice before, Rhea answers that it is her own fault for falling in love with someone who doesn’t care about her. She says Prachi hasn’t done anything for the family, but she gets everything. As she asks God why my hands are always empty, she says Prachi is getting the fruit of Pragya Mom’s puja. She says we didn’t do puja and haven’t even taken God’s name into our hearts.

She says she will not let Prachi get good deeds of Pragya’s puja, and she will not let Ranbir get Prachi. She hugs Rhea. Aaliya leaves.

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