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The Episode begins with Phoolwati waking up in the night and finding the legal papers in her hand. She goes silently to keep it in the locker. She keeps it, but takes it back. She thinks this place isn’t right. She then goes to keep it in Bhim’s scooter. Bindiya is now standing in front of her.

In the next scene, Bindiya says Bua. She says she saw a fat thief outside and came out. She asks who threw you out of the house. Phoolwati acts as sleeping. Bindiya says she remains open and asks her to come inside whenever she wants. She goes inside.

As Bindiya and Payal get ready for school the next morning, Phoolwati breathes a sigh of relief. Bhim comes there and tells her that his Chetak is missing, and no one knows who stole it. Phoolwati suspects Bindiya and asks her to tell her. The keys belong to Bhim, he says.

Phoolwati is asked not to scold the kids by Madan. Madan calls someone and asks him to take the scrap. Phoolwati and Bhim arrive and Phoolwati says now we have the papers and scooter as well. Madan burns the scooter, shocking them. Phoolwati stops Bhim from going near the burning scooter.

He promises Bhim a scooter when he gets rich. He sees Bindiya and Payal coming from school. He takes them to get ice cream.

Madan tells them to laugh always. Bindiya says we will go in your car. He says we will buy kachori and go with your Mami. Payal asks him to take them from Chowk road.

Phoolwati thinks to take revenge on Madan. A goon rides his bike and tells him he is his friend. He gives him 5 days to return his money. Payal destroys Bindiya’s dress, becoming Rekha’s favorite. She sees her do it. Bindiya wears another dress. They are about to leave.

Phoolwati comes there and accuses Madan of burning the scooter. Madan gives her Rekha’s gold bangle and apologizes to Dadi. Phoolwati says you will know that Madan is the snake in sleeve. Dadi apologizes to Madan.

She doesn’t need to apologize to Madan. Payal asks Rekha to get ready. Phoolwati tells Bhim that the bangle is heavy and is worth 10 tolas. She sees Bindiya wearing chain and asks who gave it to her. Madan says I gave it, just like I gave you fake bangles. Phoolwati realizes it is not a gold bangle, but a fake one.


Mami says to Payal, I shouldn’t have applied mud to Bindiya’s dress. Payal turns around to find Bindiya standing in place of Mami. Bindiya asks Payal, why didn’t you tell me that I wouldn’t have worn the dress, why did you lie to me? Everyone sees the car without wheels and the Bangle given to Phoolwati.

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