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Pandya Store

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Shweta says she is tired, she is seeing double-double of everyone, and she is going to sleep. Dhara says she looks drunk. Shweta asks the kids to question them. She goes. Dev says our kids returning is important. Everyone hugs their kids. Chiku shouts get away and pushes Dhara. Shweta smiles. He says you aren’t my mother.

Shesh says you both are bad as well, you both aren’t my parents either. Rishita and Dev are shocked that you got me from the garbage box and didn’t tell me. Rishita hugs him. Gautam says Shweta did this. Rishita says you are our son, our life, did Shweta tell that, she is a liar. Shesh pushes her and shouts.

Dhara says you are my son. Chiku says you said I wasn’t your son. Dhara recalls her words. Chiku says you all are bad, you have hidden our truth, so we were leaving the house. Dhara says she didn’t mean that. He says I don’t want to understand anything. Gautam says you listen to me. No, you aren’t my parents, he says.

Shesh says I don’t want to listen. Dev asks what did you know? Shesh says you aren’t my parents. Mittu says the bad news is, Raavi is my mother, but Shiva isn’t my papa. Rishita asks who is your papa. He shows Dev and says you are my papa. He asks Dev if I’m your papa. He says no, I’m your Bade papa.

Mittu says no, you are my Papa. Shweta laughs. Gautam says Shweta has created a new mess. Natasha says it is my turn, why do you hide my motherhood? Rishita looks at Dhara. She asks Natasha if Shweta has told her who her mother is. Natasha says yes. Rishita smiles. Natasha says she belongs to Dhara.

It means I came from a garbage box. Shesh says I’m your real mum, and Rishita is your Badimaa. Dev says no, you’re my tiger, I’m your dad, and Rishita is my mum. Shesh says no. Chiku says Rishita is my real mother. All of them worry. Shweta laughs. Prerna watches. Rishita says Dhara is your mother. Chiku says no. Rishita says I am the mother of Shesh and Natasha. Shweta turns to them and scolds them.

The kids scold the elders. Dhara says Chiku knows that I’m not his mother, but he doesn’t know Shweta’s mother, he thinks Rishita’s mom, so don’t tell him anything, Gautam. Shesh wants to know where you got me from. Dev says I’m your dad. Mittu says he’s my dad, don’t touch him. Shesh cries. Shesh responds that you scold me too much and Shweta said you can’t understand anything. Shweta laughs and says I didn’t say that line. Chiku asks why you lied to her.

I swear, I’m not lying. Dhara says we lied to you, but not Shweta telling you, we didn’t hurt you, she wanted to hurt you. Natasha says this is so confusing. Gautam says listen to Dhara. Shesh, Dev, and Rishita are your parents, and you’re all my children. Chiku is my son. Shiva and Suman come home. They ask why everyone is silent. Suman asks why the kids are with Shweta. Gautam hugs Shiva and asks if he’s okay. Shiva replies, “I’m fine.” We were waiting for you, says Dev. Suman asks the kids to come downstairs. Shiva looks at them. Chiku says she won’t come.

She asks Chiku to listen to her and go. Suman says you are upset with me because of the reason, you will call me Dadi from now on. Everyone becomes happy. Chiku asks really. Suman says yes. He says, Dadi. She says I am your Dadi and you are my grandson, come.

Shiva asks why you are calling my mother your dadi. Suman says I will tell you later. Shesh says I will call you Koi nahi because I am not your grandson. Shiva asks who he is. Suman asks what nonsense?

Dev says Shweta has brainwashed the kids. Rishita says they aren’t understanding. Shesh says I got to know everything, Dev and Rishita aren’t my parents.


She sings a lullaby for the kids. She says the kids want to stay with me. Dhara and Rishita are shocked. Dhara challenges her.

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