Pandya Store 24th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Dev purchasing sweets for the family. Chiku is reminded of Dhara and becomes emotional. Shweta contacts Dhara and upon seeing her, Dev shares his disappointment about not being picked up by Dhara and feeling unloved. However, Shweta reassures him that she loves him deeply. Dev insists on not reuniting with Dhara. Meanwhile, the rest of the family is inside the bank when suddenly an earthquake strikes. Dev arrives at the scene and witnesses the building crumbling down. As everyone tries to escape, Shweta notices the walls shaking and urges everyone to hurry up for their safety. In the chaos, Dev falls down and cries out in pain, while Gautam spots a man with four young children in danger and decides to save him despite the risks. Despite their efforts, they sadly discover that the man has passed away during the calamity.

They all cry and are in shock. Suman says don’t worry, hold my hands, it’s okay. Dhara says time has come. Suman says don’t worry, hold my hand. Everyone thinks of the best times of their lives. Yaadon ki baraat…plays… They hug. Rishita says if anything happens to me, take care of my Rishita. Shiva says nothing will happen to them, don’t worry. Raavi says I feel scared. Gautam says that nothing will happen to them.

If anyone happens to our baby, Prerna says our baby didn’t come into the world. Krish says no, we will stay together. Gautam says nothing will happen. They all hug each other and get scared. The building collapses completely. They all die. Dev also dies. When Suman hears about the trapped people in the bank, she is shocked to see the news. The death news of the Pandyas shocks Natasha and Mittu as well. She hugs them and cries.

After hearing about Arvind Makhwana’s death, the lady cries and her sons cry. Hardik is shocked by the news. Hardik and Kajal cry as well. He says my sister wasn’t wrong, she knew something wrong was coming, she liked you a lot. Kajal says she feels the same, see how they’re still holding hands. Shivank and Arushi see the news and are happy. He says congrats.

She expresses, “I’m feeling strange. I never expected them all to perish. I wanted Dhara dead, but now the entire Pandya family is gone. It’s a heavy burden to bear.” He quickly retorts, “Just be quiet! This is actually good news.” She reacts by slapping him in shock. Meanwhile, Shweta and Chiku are on their way to meet them. She makes a call to Dhara, “I have a flight today, you’re coming with me. I’m your mother and you can trust me. I’ll ensure your happiness and give you a good upbringing.” Chiku interjects, “Why did Dhara break her promise? Why doesn’t she consider me her son?” Softening his tone, she reassures him, “Don’t worry, I’m here for you. We’ll leave this country together.” Suman sheds tears of grief over the situation.


Natasha handles the Pandya store as an adult. Suman sees her grandsons playing mobile games. She smiles at Natasha.


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