Pandya Store 25th May, 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update in

The episode starts with Raavi calling Dhara and asking do you know where Shiva is taking everyone. Dhara says I know. Raavi asks how you can let him do this. As he threatened to burn himself, Suman fled to meet Arushi’s mother, and he asked me not to come. Raavi argues. Dhara ends the call. Rishita says Arushi is just fooling Shiva. Raavi says she’s fooling me. We’ll go there and remind Shiva that Mittu is his son. Arushi greets the Pandyas.

The auto driver waits for Rishita and Raavi. They pay him 500 rupees. The kids get confused. Arushi looks for her mother. Shiva and everyone sit down. Arushi’s mum goes to her room and worries. Shiva introduces his brothers. Arushi says she is glad to meet you all. Shiva says I met her Aai and you met my mum and brothers, and I am ready to exchange the rings. Dev asks Gautam to stop Shiva. Suman asks us to leave now. Shiva signs Arushi to touch Suman’s feet.

She asks Rishita to leave. Suman says we’ll talk later. Shiva says talk to me. Gautam says I can see the upcoming storm, so I’m scared.

The kids arrive with Rishita. Suman worries. Shiva asks Rishita why you didn’t call me. Rishita says that’s your Bhabhi. Dev asks what she’s saying. She says you left the kids and came here, and they felt awful. She asks Mittu to sit with his father.

Her apology comes as she hugs Krish and cries. He says we have stolen Shweta’s blood sample, and she says I love you. She gets happy. She says I need to talk to you. Shweta is dancing. Dhara gets her blood sample. She cuts Shweta’s hand and gets the sample. Krish asks what is so important. She tells him about her pregnancy and medical test. Krish smiles and hugs her. Shivank is on his way. He comes home and finds them shocking.

Krish inquires, “Are you pregnant?” Prerna responds with uncertainty, “I’m not sure.” Krish then reveals, “Shivank may have switched your blood sample with Shweta’s while he was with her. I will compare the samples to determine if we are indeed expecting a child. If so, nothing can prevent us from being together.” Prerna suggests informing Dhara and invites Krish to do so. However, Krish expresses concern about their situation, stating, “How will I explain this to Dhara? We would become parents before marriage.” Just as his worry sets in, Dhara approaches them and hands over a vial of Shweta’s blood sample. Upon seeing this, Shivank becomes visibly alarmed. Meanwhile, Shweta injures her finger and panics for medical assistance. Krish triumphantly declares, “Shweta’s scheme has been exposed.”


Krish says he is going to father Prerna’s child. Shivank says no, it is my child.


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