Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Abhir and Ruhi talking about his real dad. She says maybe your real dad will come in Kairav’s marriage. Abhimanyu comes and asks do you want anything. She says no. Abhir wishes he gets his real dad. He hugs Ruhi. Abhinav tells everyone to get ready because the hotel is nice and comfortable. Manish says we’ll go if Abhinav has made them strangers by booking them a hotel.

Abhinav says no. Akshara says Bade Papa… Manish asks what are you all trying to do, I know you want to make good arrangements for us, but we didn’t come here to take rest, so it will not be fun to stay in a hotel. It is fun to be together and sleep together at night, we came here to make memories, and we want to stay here. I plan to stay at the hotel, according to Surekha.

Suvarna, Manish, Dadi and Abhinav have all agreed to assist you in any way possible, Akshara tells their neighbors about the vacant house next door and Abhimanyu humorously cancels the hotel rooms. Aarohi accidentally enters Abhimanyu’s room and he apologizes for not listening to her earlier. He understands now that a mother was defending another mother, and he commends her for handling Ruhi independently. They both agree that they are doing well and that Abhimanyu should continue pursuing his goals without feeling guilty towards Ruhi or Aarohi. Meanwhile, Ruhi plays with Abhir on the swing and expresses how perfect everything is except for the absence of Dida, prompting them to call Manjiri to say they miss her. This brings Manjiri to tears.

They invite her to attend Kairav’s wedding, but she declines, saying she has work to do. They persist in asking her to come. Akshara, Abhimanyu, and Abhinav take care of preparations at the house while Muskaan brings out the sweets. Abhimanyu politely asks Manish and Suvarna for permission to help. Kairav playfully teases Muskaan before running off. Surekha accidentally bumps into Muskaan, who apologizes for getting in the way. Surekha makes a snide remark about them taking on all the work themselves. Kairav calls out to his aunt, Aarohi, who reveals that the kids have planned a surprise for her arrival. Excitedly, Abhir and Ruhi announce that Dida is also on her way. Akshara is asked if she likes the surprise as well.

Manjiri is preparing to leave, while Shefali and Mahima observe. Shefali voices her concern about the kids wanting to see her, wondering if Akshara and Abhinav will approve. Mahima suggests that she think it over first. Manjiri reassures them, stating that she is simply going to meet Abhir. Akshara expresses her worry, but Manjiri assures her that they will soon meet again. However, when Kairav attempts to see Muskaan, Akshara intervenes and tells him he can’t see her. Kairav explains that Manish asked him to try a ring on Muskaan, but Akshara reveals that he lied in order for Kairav not to visit Muskaan. Surprised by this revelation, Kairav decides to leave but mentions his desire to meet with Abhinav before leaving.

He greets and embraces his friends, Abhinav, Muskaan, and Neela. Akshara then urges him to leave, to which Kairav asks if he can go. After some laughter, he bids his final goodbye. Abhinav insists that he stays, but Kairav eventually leaves with a smile from Muskaan and Neela. They all agree that it’s enjoyable to live together in the house and create lifelong memories. When Akshara shows the expensive ring, they are amazed by its beauty. She explains that although their love may not compare to its worth, they can make their celebrations just as radiant. Embracing Neela, she expresses her excitement for the upcoming functions.

Abhimanyu gets the baskets. Akshara says it’s pretty, thanks. Abhimanyu says thank Muskaan, she needs help getting married. She asks him to make jam. He says sorry, I’m saturated with this. She says liar, you finished the bottles, you love my jam.


Manjiri gets angry when Abhir meets the guests. She says he isn’t Abhir Sharma, but Abhir B…

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