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Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Dida commenting that everyone in the world loves Prachi. Pallavi then jokes that she does not like Prachi. Vikram reassures everyone by saying it is just Pallavi’s habit to tease. Upon noticing Shahana’s presence, Pallavi mentions her as well. Vishaka intervenes and stops Pallavi from speaking further. Divya shows up and starts dancing while Abhay joins her. The rest of the guests cheer for them. Soon after, Pandit ji arrives and Vishaka greets him. Meanwhile, Prachi excuses herself and leaves the room. Pallavi follows her and brings her back, with Dida following behind. Pallavi questions Prachi about her knowledge of Ranbir and Mihika’s relationship, despite their engagement already being announced…

Pallavi is asked to come out by Dida. She says she wants to speak with her. Shahana asks why you’re angry with Prachi, you fixed this alliance yourself. Pallavi says Prachi and you are trouble for us. Shahana tries to say. Prachi says let her say what she wants to say. Pallavi says we all know what you feel for me, and she says she knows there is a big plan in your mind, since you have been clever and smart since the start. Dida asks her to speak in a low tone so she won’t be heard.

Pallavi expresses her distress, recalling the difficult situation when her son chose to leave their home and marry someone else. She believes that Prachi played a significant role in this decision and resents her for it. However, Shahana interjects, urging Pallavi not to blame Prachi. Prachi also steps in, requesting Shahana to not say anything further. Despite this, Pallavi insists on Prachi’s silence and accuses her of insincerity. She reminds Prachi of her marriage to Akshay and how she did not consider Pallavi’s feelings before going ahead with it. Questioning Prachi’s intentions, she demands to know why she is trying to interfere in her son’s happiness.

Dida requests for Pallavi’s silence, to which she responds by stating her desire to have her son married within their household. However, upon observing Dida’s actions, Pallavi expresses concern that Dida may cause harm and urges her to prioritize her son’s happiness. Assuring Dida, she clarifies that she has no romantic interest in Ranbir anymore as they have separated. Furthermore, she gives Ranbir the freedom to make his own decisions and marry whoever he chooses. Reiterating her disinterest in Ranbir and the current alliance, Pallavi asserts that she does not want him in her life. She also assures that there is no issue with the proposed marriage and reiterates her lack of interest in Ranbir. Vishaka arrives and queries about the situation at hand.

In Ashok’s house, Ranbir and Aryan search for the ring. Aryan asks if you threw it? Ranbir says I did not. Aryan asks if you kept it anywhere. Ranbir remembers keeping it in Prachi’s room but didn’t tell her.

Prachi explains that Pallavi was initially worried but she is now feeling better. Dida mentions that Pallavi had a desire and Vishaka inquires about it. Prachi clarifies that she wanted a saree, but unfortunately, there aren’t any available since we didn’t bring much with us to the farmhouse. Vishaka assures that they will find a solution and then asks about what happened with Rhea. In an angry tone, Pallavi tells her not to bring up Rhea’s topic since her son left because of her. Prachi interjects and states that Ranbir’s decision had nothing to do with Rhea or any other girl. She questions why her mother always blames others and reminds her that Ranbir is capable of making his own choices. She urges Pallavi to stop putting the blame on others for everything. With frustration, she walks away from the conversation. Vishaka then asks if Ranbir has officially divorced Rhea, to which Pallavi responds by saying she doesn’t want to discuss it. Dida advises them not to dwell on the past, and Vishaka suggests leaving the room altogether. Before exiting, Dida invites Pallavi to join them outside as well.

Ranbir and Aryan enter Prachi’s room, where they discuss the missing ring. Ranbir had previously misplaced it and seems to believe that Prachi is intentionally causing trouble for him by not revealing its location. However, Aryan questions why Ranbir is taking it so personally and suggests that he simply ask Prachi directly. Meanwhile, Aryan finds the ring box and hands it to Ranbir, who becomes visibly upset before leaving the room.

Prachi inquired, “Shahana, how were you speaking to Pallavi aunty?” Shahana responded, “You seem to be defending her and I can’t understand how you allow her to speak to you in such a manner. You are not someone she can use as a punching bag. I will not listen if she scolds you.” Prachi clarified, “I was just responding to her.” Shahana expressed frustration, “You think you can respond, but they end up scolding and leaving. You have become blinded by your past relationships. How could you let someone else talk to you like that? You know very well how awful Rhea is.”

Prachi confirms that her sister is, indeed, her sister. Shahana acknowledges this by simply stating “your sister.” Prachi affirms this again and adds that she doesn’t want to discuss anyone at the moment. Divya then asks Mihika if she saw someone, specifically Ranbir. Mihika clarifies which Ranbir and Divya mentions Aryan, his brother. Mihika asks about him and Divya describes him as handsome, sweet, and charming. She also expresses her love for him and her desire to be with him. Divya suggests that they can each be with one of the brothers – Divya with Ranbir and Mihika with Aryan – to which Mihika questions if she truly likes Aryan so much. Divya reveals that she even wants to marry him to be closer to Mihika. However, she reminds Mihika that they must also consider Aryan’s feelings and check if he has a girlfriend. At this point, Mihika spots Mayank nearby, causing her to feel uneasy.

I will come in one minute, she says. Pallavi and Dida leave the room. Vishaka says she wants to talk to you. She says she agrees with me, but I’m concerned about Mihika, who’s like my daughter. Because Mihika is going to marry Ranbir, I need to know whether his past is with him, whether his memories of his first wife are with him. I will question Ranbir too, she says, and ask if he is ready to marry Mihika, if he intends to run away from his wife’s memories by marrying her.

She inquires about the status of their heart connection, not their mere legal ties. She wonders if Ranbir is prepared to wed Mihika. Pallavi recalls Ranbir’s confession that he deeply adores Mihika. She declares that her son is ready to embark on a new chapter in his life. Vishaka exclaims that there’s nothing more she could ask for than her children’s happiness. With that, Pallavi excuses herself from the conversation. Turning to Dida, Vishaka poses a question, asking if there may be something going on between Pallavi and Prachi. She admits that she doesn’t particularly care for Prachi as Rhea is her sister.

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