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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Prachi asks Ranbir to come. The robber tries to snatch her mangalsutra from her neck. Ranbir gets up and fights with him. Prachi’s mangalsutra falls on the floor. A robber beats Ranbir to death, and Prachi asks him to leave Ranbir. After the robber stabs her, Ranbir holds the knife and gets injured. He kicks the robber. Another robber arrives and hits him.

Prachi bravely uses a nearby trolley to ward off the robber, demanding that he leave. She rushes over to Ranbir, only to have the other robber hold them at gunpoint. He demands to know where the mangalsutra is, but Prachi insists she doesn’t know. The armed man warns them not to try any tricks or he will shoot. Overcome with emotion, Prachi clings onto Ranbir for support. But Ranbir reassures her that he’s okay. The robbers then bring them before Shera and force them to sit down. Delighted by their success, Shera embraces his accomplice and quickly calls the police to claim responsibility for the loot they stole and sought after.

The man requests that his companion arrange for their departure and insists on a clear path. The inspector commands the man to surrender to the police. Shera, getting frustrated, retorts that the inspector is repeating himself and declares his willingness to hand over a dead body as proof of his seriousness. The inspector warns against such thoughts, threatening to kill them all if necessary. The woman pleads with Shera to release her. He assures her that they will all leave together, but unfortunately the police are preventing it from happening. She warns that she will carry out her previous threat if the police refuse to cooperate. Shera points his gun at the hostages and employees in a threatening manner.

During the commotion, Akshay attempted to grab the gun from Shera as Ranbir and others joined in the fight against the robbers. Amidst the chaos, Shera warned everyone by firing a shot into the air. As they all took cover, Akshay noticed Ranbir holding Prachi’s hand and quickly reached for it. However, he then saw that Ranbir had let go of her hand and was now holding Mihika’s instead. Pallavi, who heard the gunshot, expressed her determination to save Ranbir. Manpreet and Vishaka also pleaded with the Inspector to rescue their children. The Inspector assured them that every citizen’s life is of utmost importance to them and promised to do everything possible to keep them safe. Meanwhile, another robber brought Divya over and she sat down next to Abhay.

Shera inspects the jewellery, her laughter echoing through the room. Akshay turns to Prachi and inquires about Ranbir’s presence during her encounter with the robbers. Abhay shares with Divya his concern over Akshay’s current state of mind. Prachi accuses Akshay of having ulterior motives, as he questions the events that led to Ranbir joining her. Shera receives a call from Inspector, announcing the completion of their task and prompts her to prepare for their escape. In response, Inspector reminds them of the option to surrender and avoid imprisonment in the future. Shera confidently declares her success in carrying out their plan. Meanwhile, Inspector leads his team through a secret entrance and finds themselves face to face with Pallavi and Dida.

Shera says our son has arrived. Inspector asks them to leave and says he will bring their son. Pallavi replies, “I won’t go without my son.” Inspector tries to make them understand and asks lady constable to take them outside. Shera says Inspector I cannot hear you. Inspector says I thought about coming here. Shera turns to see Inspector standing. Shera asks him to let him go. Inspector shoots at Shera.

Shera asks his robber to take the bag. Prachi tells Akshay that she wants to leave. Akshay says they are in big trouble and everyone is hiding, and asks her not to perform any stunts. After Prachi told him Ranbir was trapped outside, he asks her to agree and remembers her telling him about this. He asks what your story is and what happened between you two.

Prachi recalls Ranbir accusing her for their daughter’s alleged death and demanding that she leave his house. He searches for his mother and grandmother, informing the inspector that the robbers escaped in that direction. He inquires if they saw his wife and mother-in-law, to which the inspector assures they have been safely escorted out. Meanwhile, Shera contacts the robbers and instructs them to meet at the main gate while changing their route as the police are on their tail. Akshay notices Prachi’s worry and asks if it is because of Ranbir. Prachi departs from there while Akshay follows her, urging her to stop. She responds by saying they will discuss it once they reach home. As they witness people fleeing, Akshay implores Prachi to join him.

Shera and his men take cover as the Inspector and constables depart. Shera relays instructions to his colleagues, who promptly gather the stolen goods into a bag. The constable attempts to unlock the door, but it has been secured by the robbers. Meanwhile, the Inspector orders everyone to form two lines and stand in an orderly queue. The salesgirl directs Akshay to move towards the front of the line and signals for Ranbir to join Prachi. Ranbir approaches Prachi and presents her with a mangalsutra, stating that he will help her put it on. However, Prachi refuses, stating that her husband would not approve. Ranbir suggests that she ask her husband to be present, but Prachi responds by saying that he will only come if given permission.


Prachi identifies Shera and others robbers in disguise and informs Inspector. Shera holds her at gunpoint and says she must die. Ranbir and Akshay get tense.

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