Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update in

The episode opens with Abhimanyu shivering and remaining awake. He takes his medication. Akshara appears, noting that he has been sneezing for a while. She brings him hot oil and a blanket, aware of his allergies. She expresses concern about the difficulties he may face living with them, as Abhinav will always be Abhir’s father. Abhimanyu assures her that he does not want to take anything away from anyone, but simply wants to build a relationship with Abhir. Muskaan interrupts their conversation by receiving a call from Kairav. Frustrated by his reluctance to let her move on, she wonders what he wants from her. Meanwhile, Kairav is asleep and unaware of the call connecting to Muskaan. Realizing this later on, he apologizes and explains in a message. However, his messages do not go through, leading him to believe that she may have blocked him.

As morning arrives, Abhimanyu’s thoughts are consumed with bread and jam. Meanwhile, Akshara prefers their humble homestay over a luxurious five-star hotel. When he asks if there is anything else available for breakfast, she directs him to the kitchen where he can help himself to whatever he desires. With her husband being at work and herself studying, she welcomes him to make himself at home. Grateful for her generosity, he responds by removing his shoes before heading to the kitchen. However, upon seeing the disorder in the kitchen, he takes it upon himself to tidy up. As expected, Akshara notes that his obsessive-compulsive tendencies have not changed over the years. The two startle each other with loud noises as they go about their tasks. Suddenly, Abhir enters and jokingly suggests breaking everything in sight. But Akshara interrupts with a valid explanation – she was killing a cockroach. Amused by this exchange, Abhir comments on how she scolds him so much yet creates so much noise. Taking charge of the situation, Abhimanyu offers to make breakfast and asks what else they would like besides what’s already been mentioned in the menu.

Abhimanyu declares his plan to make desi pan cakes, and Abhir lends a hand by helping find the necessary ingredients. He acknowledges that it’s important for both boys and girls to know how to cook, as he recalls being taught how to make daal rice. He believes it’s essential for him to be knowledgeable about all household tasks before getting married, in order to support his future wife. Overjoyed with their interaction, Abhimanyu expresses his adoration towards Abhir and embraces him warmly. Meanwhile, Abhinav reveals that he has work in Kasauli and will be accompanying a guest before heading to Abhir’s school. Knowing that Abhir is eagerly awaiting his arrival, Akshara offers to drop him off instead, but he insists on studying so he doesn’t fail. In light of this, Abhimanyu kindly offers to chaperone Abhir on his first day of school as a guardian figure. Pleased with their arrangement, Abhir agrees and mentions that she will go with Doc Man instead. She then proceeds to converse with Abhinav about their plans.

He asks Akshara to take Abhir to school, assuring her that he will arrive on time. Abhir then inquires if he can go with “doc man,” to which Akshara agrees. As they all make their way to the car, Aarohi notices Ruhi tying her shoe lace and tells her that Abhimanyu had mentioned he would be returning in a few days. Aarohi thinks to herself that perhaps Abhimanyu should not have made the trip. Upon arriving at the school, Abhimanyu compliments its beauty and decides to call Manjiri so she can speak with Abhir. With his usual humor, Abhir jokes with Manjiri and asks her not to cry. Although she expresses her desire for him to return soon, he invites her to join them in Kasauli instead. Before handing over the phone back to Akshara, Abhimanyu informs Manjiri that it is Abhir’s first day of school and asks for her blessings. She happily obliges but also reminds him of his responsibility as a father- a concept that Abhimanyu claims he has no time for. This leads to an argument between Manjiri and Abhimanyu.


Abhir heard this and cried. He wondered who his dad was. Akshara says Abhir has learned that Abhinav isn’t his father. Abhinav says it’s tough for me since I’m not Abhir’s father.

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