Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 8th August 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Shardul conferring with the inspector, who assures him of catching the kidnapper once he makes contact. Shreya then makes a call, instructing the recipient to remain calm until further notice. Meanwhile, Shalini is overcome with emotion and prays for Ram and Priya’s safety. Sona offers her comfort while Ram and Priya hear approaching footsteps. Upon seeing the masked goons, Ram immediately confronts them, but one of the goons threatens him. As Shalini continues to pray, Mitali expresses her frustration with the situation and Shalini reaffirms that Ram is her entire world. Despite being scolded by one of the goons, Ram persists in negotiating for his release and even offers to pay four times the demanded amount. Priya also stands firm in her determination not to give up and leave them at the mercy of these ruthless criminals.

Ram explains that the group of people we’re facing is extremely dangerous. He can’t risk leaving me alone because of them. He also mentions that I’m amazing. However, when Shalini asks who’s behind our kidnapping, he reveals that someone has a vendetta against him. Shalini suggests it could be a family member, but Ram disagrees, saying no one from his family would do this. She then worries about how to inform Ram about Shalini’s enemy and insists they need to meet her soon.
Sona reassures them both that everything will be okay and reminds them of their strong bond as a couple, mentioning how much Priya loves Ram. Shalini agrees and adds that once they are back home, she needs to apologize to Priya. Sona consoles her and together they pray for their safe return.
Meanwhile, Priya pleads with their kidnapper not to involve the police, promising to give them all the money they want. She urgently needs to get back home to her mother-in-law who is unwell and needs constant care. In fact, she’s even willing to give up her flat and savings account if needed.

Goon tells her to quiet down, then Ram reminds him to speak to his wife politely. Shreya then makes a phone call, prompting Yuvraj to observe her actions and decide to keep an eye on her. Upon realizing she has been spotted, Shreya insults Yuvraj and they engage in an argument, during which he threatens her. He questions her possible involvement in the kidnapping of Ram and Priya, while she retaliates by threatening him physically and telling him to mind his own business. Yuvraj expresses his tiredness of their constant fighting and urges for peace, accusing Priya of causing trouble for them. Shreya denies having any ill intentions towards Priya, stating that Kriti is a perfect match for Ram and they have no rivalry. However, Yuvraj insists that Shreya is not as innocent as she seems. As the conversation turns heated, Yuvraj eventually leaves. Meanwhile, Ram and Priya try to protect each other but are knocked unconscious by the goons. Before leaving the scene, Shreya compliments the goons on their work and hands them some money as a reward.


The company cannot survive without Ram, Aleka says. Ram asks Priya to talk to him.

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