Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 7th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 7th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Ram’s mother urges him to resolve the matter with Priya. Ram assures her, saying, “I will tell you the truth.” Kriti interjects, stating that she has to depart and promptly leaves. Aleka comments, “That’s not cool,” while Yuvraj observes the situation. Ram advises Aleka, “Don’t get worked up,” and his mother reassures everyone by affirming, “I’m fine.”

Anju says it’s trending, it’s so cute. Priya says we’ve never met, it’s fake. Anju says I know, he came to meet you, and it’s good if he has feelings for you.

Priya says he has nothing. Anju says I never liked Yuvraj, he doesn’t deserve your friendship, I focused on Ritika and ignored you, I thought you were simple, and Yuvraj is okay, Ram is perfect for you. Ram and I aren’t going anywhere. Yuvraj comes. Anju asks him to leave. Priya says trust me.

Ram’s mother faints. Ram calls the doctor. Priya says she told Ram the truth. Aleka shows up. Yuvraj asks how that was possible. Priya greets Aleka, mentioning that it’s their first meeting. Aleka agrees with a nod.

Yuvraj goes out. Ram’s mum says Ram and I will share this room, otherwise, you will ask for double payment. The doctor says your mum isn’t well, arteries are blocked, and we might have to perform bypass surgery within a week. Ram says she should get well, and do anything. Shardul says she will be fine. Come see for yourself.

It is about your health, if I die then who will be with you, sorry, I want to see my bahu, I want to see your soul mate. She insists he gets married.

As Shardul approaches, Ram tells him, “Explain to her that she wants me to marry first, and only then will she undergo the operation.” Ram’s mother responds, saying, “Yes, I won’t understand. I won’t alter my condition. You make the decision.” Ram retorts, “You’re being rude.”

Then she tells Aleka that what she said is true. She recalls lying to Aleka. She says she feels nothing for you, I was just trying to make someone happy. She knows you won’t leave her, she is very rich. He goes. Anju comes and asks if you’re okay.

As Mum’s time is limited, Ram worries. Priya returns home. She says I will have appointments. Anju asks her to rest. Ram’s mum calls Priya. Anju answers. Ram’s mother says we should have met earlier. She says Priya is very sweet, she has magical hands, and I am asking her for Ram’s hand.

Anju asks what. Ram’s mom says I was excited, talk to Priya first, then reply to me. Anju says it’s between us. Priya gets ready in the morning. Priya gets ready. Anju says Priya, enjoy your favourite food today. Shalini Kapoor, Ram’s mother, called and offered Ram’s alliance for Priya, and I agreed.


Priya asserts, “It’s my life, you should have consulted me.” Meanwhile, Yuvraj discovers about Ram’s proposal to Priya.

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