Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 31st May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 31st May 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Shiv confronting Surilii, saying, “You informed me about Diya. Are you implying that you have told her something other than the truth?” Surilii defends her actions, explaining, “My version keeps her happy. She’s only 5 years old, and I’m afraid of hurting her feelings.” Shiv insists that she should disclose the truth to Diya. Meanwhile, Rani Maa engages in a conversation with Veera.

She states, “I must safeguard the honor and reputation of our family.” Surilii sees Sasha and greets her. Sasha is worried. It was my mistake, I never gave you the strength to tell Diya the truth, I will handle this for you; just go to the café for a while, and I will speak with her.

Shiv is en route. He engages in a conversation with Bandish regarding Samar and Raghu’s agreement. Shiv asks Raghu not to sign any contract until he finds out about Samar’s company. Bandish agrees. Surili’s audio message reaches Shiv. He replies to her. He asks her to tell Diya the truth. He says that I’ll wait for your happy call. Surilii goes to Diya.

Diya says she will have pasta. Diya says you don’t feel like going to school. Diya says yes. Surilii says I have a magical ingredient, I will cook the special pasta of truth. Diya says yes. He answers Shiv’s call. He doesn’t answer. He says I’ll call Samar. Samar takes the puppy to its mother. Raghu calls Samar and asks him to come meet him. Samar smiles. Surilii and Diya make pasta.

I apologize for lying to you, she shows you the peas and says the cover is for protecting the peas, just as I do for you. Diya asks why you lied. Surilii says I realized I made a mistake and I’m making truth pasta. She makes the pasta. Diya asks why you talked about sending dad to jail. Surilii says promise me, you won’t cry.

Surilii promises we will have pasta first. Bandish asks Raghu to read the file. He says Shiv said the deal shouldn’t be signed. Raghu throws the file and slaps Bandish. He scolds Bandish and asks him to leave. Samar watches. He smiles.

You are a servant, clean all this. Bandish cries and leaves. Raghu welcomes Samar. Samar asks if everything is fine. Raghu says it happens. Samar taunts him and asks if everything is fine. Raghu says yes, sit, don’t worry. Raghu says we will sign the deal today, Samar says this is related to our deal, Bandish is loyal to Shiv, and he forced you to work like Shiv. Samar says no, we will postpone this deal.


Surilii says your father has no role in your life. Diya says I hate you. Rani Maa meets Samar at the office. Raghu signs the contract.

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