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Shagun inquires, “Excuse me, who are you, and why are you entering?” Lady in South Indian accent says you welcome me, then insult me by asking who are you, I forgive you now let me meet Manmeet. Shagun says no one is allowed to meet him and it’s my choice whether to let anyone meet him since I will be his future wife.

She laughs and says you are very funny if you were his wife then you should be beside him. Now give me space and let me go. Gunwanti gets up and asks where you are going with God’s photo. Shagun shouts who are you. Jasodha says let her go, she is Manmeet’s nurse.

She says then why is she hiding her face? I won’t let her go until she does. Nurse says you’re stubborn and don’t have manners on how to talk, so I don’t have the ability to show my face because I follow the rules of my guruji. I first put this photo in the patients’ room, then I show it. Shagun says you’re a nurse at Sarkar’s Palace and your rules won’t work here.

Shagun says to Anuja, “what are you doing? Manmeet needs a nurse and you’re asking her to leave?”. The nurse firmly declares, “I will not alter my protocols,” and begins to walk away. Jasodha says Anuja is right Shagun, take control of your insecurity, you doubt every woman, right now I have Manmeet’s health top priority, she asks the nurse to enter. In order to complete the rituals given by Panditji, Shagun and Anuja start throwing flowers and water. The nurse follows behind them as they make their way towards Manmeet’s room.

A nurse applies teeka on Manmeet’s forehead and places the picture in his room. Meet remembers hearing two wrestlers talking about Manmeet’s nurse named Meenakshi. Meet says I can get close to Manmeet to find out the real culprit who attacked him.

A nurse greets everyone in the room and says, “I’m Meenakshi.” Meghna enters with juice. Shagun says the hospital has sent this nurse, but he doesn’t know I still see Meet in her. Jasodha says the girl has damaged us terribly and it will take time to recover. Manmeet asks for his juice.

Meenakshi opts for a glass of juice. Shagun interjects, saying, “Hold on, Meghna brought a different juice. How did you know that Manmeet prefers orange juice? Who are you?” Meenakshi discloses her full name to Shagun. Shagun responds, “I didn’t ask for your name. I simply want to know how you are aware of the juice preference.”

I’m a nurse and I read patients’ files before treating them. She tells Jasodha who this idiot girl always questions. Shagun says I’m your patient’s lover and I’ll soon marry him. asodha requests Shagun to depart and assigns Meenakshi the responsibility of looking after Manmeet. As everyone exits the room, Meenakshi laughs and remarks, “I believe Manmeet is drawn to you solely because of your appearance, not your intellect.”

Meenakshi expresses her intention to engage in theatrics in order to get closer to Shagun. She aims to uncover the truth behind the incident and why Shagun accused her of an attack. Meenakshi acknowledges that it is a false accusation but understands that Shagun might continue to propagate such a significant lie.

A man approaches Sarkar and states, “I will assist you in apprehending her.” Mahendra asks him where. Sarkar fires a few shots and says whoever brings Meet to me will get 10 lakhs as a reward. Man says girl took my flowers, rest of women dresses her as goddess, I have seen everything from my eyes. Sarkar asks Mahendra to question all the wrestlers about Meet.

Upon spotting Meenakshi in the vicinity of Sarkar Palace, please inform me immediately. It is crucial to keep her away from this residence,” Geeta advises. Geeta offers to send her photo for identification. Unbeknownst to them, Manmeet stands behind Geeta.

The wrestler informs that nobody witnessed Meenakshi’s presence there. Sarkar inquires about her whereabouts and notices a smartwatch in the wrestler’s hand. Momentarily hesitant, Sarkar remarks, “I have seen the same watch on Meet’s wrist.”

He says I work at Dr. Chaudhary and she came there to learn about Manmeet’s report and nurse so she gave me this watch as an exchange, so I apologize. Sarkar asks Mahendra why she wants to know about Manmeet’s nurse, and Sarkar says she wants to attack Manmeet again. Let’s leave now.

In response to Manmeet’s question, Meenakshi says you were listening to me. She says she is your nurse. He says that he is not well, and I am not particularly interested in listening to someone talk, because I was suffocating in the room that’s why he came out. He tries to walk, but stumbles. Meet holds him and helps him to get up. He asks her name. He thinks Meet Manmeet Sagwan. He says did you say anything?

Is there anything you heard? Meenakshi asks. Manmeet asks her name. She says it’s Meenakshi. He helps him lie down on his bed and thinks now is the best time to ask who attacked him. Apparently, your wife attacked you, but I have a confusion about how she was about to stab you since you are a wrestler.

Manmeet insists cheating has nothing to do with strength. Meenakshi inquires what transpired, but he refuses to answer. Shagun approaches her and suggests she take a break for tea, while she stays there with Manmeet, until further notice. Though it is part of her job to stay put, Meenakshi is asked to leave. Manmeet ponders how he could possibly figure out why his name came up. Mahendra is asked to drive fast by Sarkar.

She shows him all the toys from their childhood that they used to play with. She hugs him and says you used to love me madly that time there wasn’t anyone between us. Meenakshi brings soup to Manmeet. Shagun says give me, I’ll help him. Manmeet says I have a lot of memories with you rather than my parents.

There is a pimple on Manmeet’s neck and he thinks Shagun won’t leave him alone. I can’t wait any longer to find out the truth. I saw a pimple on his face and it will spread slowly on nearby people, even your face will become infected, so I’m going to leave, and you can give him soup now.

Shagun contemplates that if her appearance gets spoiled, Manmeet might refuse to marry her as well. With this in mind, she intercepts Meenakshi and requests her to care for the patient, allowing her the opportunity to uncover the truth. Meenakshi responds, saying that she needs to go to the police station to provide her statement. She hands over a bowl of soup to Meenakshi before leaving.

Meenakshi approached Manmeet and offered him soup. He asked why she was doing this, as he was infected and the people close to him had left. She replied that in nurse training, they are taught to take care of a patient as if they were family and that it was part of her duty. Meenakshi further noted that patients often recover quicker if they remain both physically and mentally strong; she suggested Manmeet should speak openly about his feelings, particularly regarding how his girl had cheated him. Thinking to himself, Manmeet thought why did it feel like she was attacking him?

The precap

Meenakshi nurse asks for Sagwan’s address and introduces herself as Manmeet’s patient. Manmeet is shocked after seeing the knife in Meet’s hand. The real nurse is approaching Sarkar’s Palace, Geeta tells Meet. Mahendra says Sarkar won’t spare Meet today.

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