Meet 7th February Written Episode Update

Everyone crying for Meet. Raj asks where is the driver. Manmeet says I’ll take my wife with me, don’t worry about that. After all, she’ll return in a few days. Manmeet convinces Babita and asks Meet to sit with him in the car and says your new journey awaits you. After saying goodbye to everyone, Meet sits in his car.

Manmeet and Meet in the car together. Manmeet thinks I’m going home so that you can complete your oath. The car stops working.

Meet says you want me to sit quietly, and if I don’t, then you’ll tie my hands. Brides are supposed to obey their husbands, while husbands are supposed to give orders to their wives. He tells her she thinks I won’t be able to tie her hands, so he ties her hands, puts on her ghoonghat, applies her seatbelt, and asks her to sit quietly.

After checking the engine, Manmeet got out of the car and started his car. As he looked at Meet, he said, “Women look beautiful when they are filled with shyness.” Manmeet brings her to Sarkar’s palace. She tries to untie her hands. Manmeet says we should tell Sarkar we are together so that we can protect each other.

Narendra is firing shots. Everyone gets excited when they see them together. Then Gunwanti and Imarti catch her and ask her where she’s going. Manmeet takes Sarkar’s blessing and praises him for his work. Manmeet says to Jasodha, “Go take your revenge on her.”.

Jasodha asks everyone to make arrangements for the arrival of the new daughter-in-law, and Mahendra gets the videographer. The videographer walks in and says he’s here. Jasodha gives him instructions on how to record everything and he agrees to make the video as instructed.

As Jasodha performed welcome pooja for her, she suffocated herself with the smoke of the diya. I will take revenge on you for all the things you did. Jasodha asks her to kick a cactus-filled Kalash and do grah pravesh. She resists and says no.

As Jasodha asked, Gunwanti said she must place her feet on the cactus and then into the thali filled with red chili. Jasodha asked them to bring her forward. His leg was bleeding badly and he was crying.

As Jasodha sits beside her, she says, “I felt pain when Sarkar was arrested by police, but now that I’ve seen you in pain, I can tolerate anything, but I cannot tolerate disrespect against my husband.” This is just the beginning, Jasodha says, I’ll torture you more. He makes her wear a garland made of dirty shoes. Jasodha says the ceremony is over.

In front of his mother, Manmeet asks her to rub her nose since his mother was unable to eat because of him, and his father was disrespected because of you. In order to avoid Jasodha getting hungry, Manmeet asked Gunwanti to bring food for Jasodha. He asked her to stand up. Gunwanti keeps the thali, Manmeet says your oath is completed, you won, now please eat. Jasodha gets excited and begins to eat.

Meet on her bike outside the home. Everyone was shocked to see her. Meet mocks everyone and enters the palace on her bike. Meet looks at everyone and says this is called entry. She pours lassi and offers it to Manmeet. He stands numb. He drinks it and says, “What is this family?”. Manmeet removes his dupatta and finds Shagun.


She makes fun of her earlier relationship and says now you are Meet Manmeet Sauguad. Meet says he does not believe in fraudulent marriages. Manmeet says from today your bad time will start.

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