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In spite of the coughing, Meet hugs Manmeet and thanks him for saving her life. Sadabahar says we have orders to kill her. Manmeet gets water from someone. Sadabahar says we have orders to kill her. When Sadabahar stops Manmeet and says you can’t take her alive, he turns off the machine, says there’s no fun if you’re dead, and signals Meet to run away.

Sarkar reached the factory. Badri and Sarkar walked inside and saw Manmeet fighting with his men. Sarkar saw Manmeet and Meet together fighting with his men. Manmeet hurt his hand with the saw blade. Sarkar was in shock after seeing them together. In the end, Manmeet and Meet defeated everyone.

He says we both can do wonders together and that you fight well. Meet asks him to sit and gives him water and applies a bandage to his hand. Meet asks how he knows I’m in danger. Manmeet, I have my ways. Meet asks him did our plan work, did we win?

Having known that I was kidnapped, Manmeet did not marry afterwards, and my mother is still safe, she will remain queen of Sarkarpur. Manmeet thanks Meet and shakes her hand. Sarkar and Badri look at them from a distance. Meet wipes Manmeet’s face of blood. As Meet says to me, you are different from the other men in this house, sometimes you seem tough to them, but I know you are very kind.

Manmeet says to keep things inside you don’t tell me. Sarkar stumbles and recalls what Imarti said about Manmeet joining hands with Meet and Jasodha begging for her son’s life. Narendra asks him whether he is okay. He shouts at him and says send this girl to Ajay. Narendra unties her hands and takes Jalebi to Ajay.

Ajay calls Manmeet and tells him that Bapu Sarkar should not know I rescued Meet. Sadabahar says okay, I’ll keep quiet. Ajay tells him Jalebi is with him. Manmeet says he needs to keep an eye on her. Ajay says to Meet, listen to me carefully, Sarkar should not have any doubts, so call Sarkar and let him know.

Upon receiving a call from Ajay, Sarkar says he has received his Jalebi and has released your son. Sarkar says okay. Manmeet says to Meet that Ajay must have spoken with Sarkar already, I should call him now. Meet says to call him. He picks up the call from Manmeet and says to him, Bapu Sarkar, “I’m safe now because of your help.”

Sarkar says where are you I’m coming to take you everyone at home is worried about you, especially your mother. Manmeet says I’ll meet you in sometime at Old Chowk. Sarkar says okay and disconnects the call. Meet tells Manmeet that we should both leave, as he needs to get home before you. Manmeet asks him whether he wants to drink my favourite lassi. Meet looks at him in surprise.

The least I can do for you is to look at me because my mother is safe. Meet says we both know we can change Sarkarpur. He says we can’t be the same. It’s my first time lying to Bapu Sarkar and I know how bad I feel. She says my dadi used to tell me that lying to save someone’s life is better than telling the truth because your mom is safe because of one lie.

As Mahendra asks Bapu Sarkar, what are you saying about Manmeet joining Meet? Sarkar says nobody has the right to ask questions to me, do as I instructed you to do. In order to receive blessings, Manmeet touches Sarkar’s feet. Sarkar asks him if he’s okay and he says yes. Sarkar says he promised your mom that I would bring you back safely. Let’s go. Manmeet tells Sarkar that Meet was attacked. Sarkar says I did it and sits in the car.

Sarkar says I thought I would kill her and finish everything, but she outsmarted me. The only way I can get back at her is to leak the video of Meet and Inspector Bhati so that she runs away. Sarkar asks Manmeet what he is thinking. Manmeet says yes and sits in the car. Seeing Manmeet through the rare view mirror, Sarkar thinks you will be the next Sarkar and whatever I saw today will be completed today.

Jasodha prays for Manmeet and hugs him. Everyone is happy to see him. Inspector Bhati says it’s great to see you all safe since Shagun filed the missing report for you. Sarkar keeps his promise of bringing her son back, and Jasodha thanks him.

Manmeet whispers stop it Bapu Sarkar is here. Shagun asks if you’re alright, and did they hit you hard. Manmeet says I’m fine. He remembers Sarkar told him to leak Bhati and Meet’s video.

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