Pandya Store 27th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 27th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The constable gets food for Shweta. She steals her purse. She gets the money. She throws the purse and says it fell down, take it. She wakes up the lady and gives her money. She asks for a phone. She says have food now. Shivank says I promise, I’ll get Shweta. Suman says no need for anyone. He gets Shweta’s call. She asks why you didn’t do my bail. He says that I’m busy and also worried, so I’ll do your work. Shweta prays.

Is there a problem again? He says there is a big tension, the power line has been cut in my house. He asks who Shweta is. Suman says don’t worry and live well. Dhara says let us live. Shivank says I’ll also go to the kitchen, she might add a lot of sugar. Suman says Rishita, nobody is leaving. Rishita says sorry, I’m leaving. Suman says just sit.

Then Shivank comes to Dhara and asks what he wants. He says you’re so good, I like you so much, the power went out in my house, I want 1500 rupees, I’ll return it later, and that’s all I’m asking for. They argue. She refuses. She says don’t come here to take money. He asks where will I go, you have to give money, otherwise, you’ll lose. As he blackmails her, he says if I tell the truth, your family will break again, so please don’t force me to do this sin. She asks, are you blackmailing me? He says fine, if you don’t want to help, I’ll ask Rishita for help. He leaves.

The power line can be obtained from us since Rishita is heading to Ahmedabad with her kids, and Raavi stays there. He thanks her and says you are sweet. She thinks I will not give him money. He asks her to see the gifts. She says I’ll see them later. He says it’s the best gift. He jokes.

You think he is lying, says Suman. Shivank says don’t get serious, she’s joking, I have a passport, visa, and business card as well. Raavi is waiting, says Dhara. He says I miss this concern and it always blesses me. Suman says take care of Raavi. Rishita says I’ll pack and come. Dhara says you won’t go. Rishita says you just said I’m going. Dhara scolds her. She says she needs her help.

Dhara replies, “I want the family to stay together. You help me.” Rishita says we can stay apart and connected. Suman scolds her. Rishita says ask Dev to stay back, I can’t stay here, I can’t compromise on my children’s upbringing. Suman and Dhara argue. Dhara ponders how to let you know Shivank’s truth. She cries to Chiku.

He gets rude towards her. The kids talk about Shweta. They write a note for Shweta. Rishita asks them to go and find Natasha. They refuse. She goes to find Natasha. Dev asks them to sit quietly. Natasha hides in Dhara’s room. Rishita comes to ask for her. Dhara warns him not to leave, Chutki’s health must be taken into consideration.

As Rishita says, we cannot help her, our tests are done. She sees Natasha hiding. She says you hid my daughter here, I’m sick and tired of you. Dhara asks how I’m always wrong. Rishita says I’m taking my children with me. Natasha says I’m not your daughter, I won’t come.

Then she bites her hand and calls Rishita a bad aunty. She says I get angry seeing you. Dhara tells her not to say this. Rishita says she will take her kids. They cry.


Suman asks Dev not to leave. Dev, Rishita leave. Rishita receives a call from the doctor. The doctor says that we have found a donor for your daughter.

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