Pandya Store 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal Rescues Natasha in a Fiery Crisis

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Dhawal and Natasha crying out for assistance as they struggle to break free. During their struggle, someone stumbles over their faces. Chiku then asks Natasha to marry him, but Isha reminds him that their families are at odds and questions the possibility of their union. Just then, Amrish appears on the scene. Chiku wonders why he proposed if he wasn’t confident and threatens to confess everything to Suman unless she agrees. He also inquires about Natasha’s whereabouts, to which he replies that she is safe and not seeking retribution. Chiku then demands Isha return the bangles given in exchange for her hand in marriage. After some hesitation, Isha finally accepts his proposal with a smile and promises to speak with her family about it before leaving.

Getting shocked, she collides with Amrish and gets stuck. Dhawal and Natasha are trapped and talk through their hearts. Fire burns around them. Chiku says I lost the Pandya store because of this family, they made Natasha cry, I don’t love Isha, I will ruin the family. Amrish sees Chiku leave. Chiku sees Amrish at the gate. He leaves. Dhawal and Natasha watch the fire spread. Amba asks why did you take the phone outside and where Amrish is. Amrish shouts. He says Natasha met Chiku. He asks Isha to tell Amba. Amba sees the bangles in Isha’s hands. It was not me who gave you this, she asks, how did you get it? Isha says Yash gave me his mum’s bangles, and he wants to marry me. Amba asks when Chiku met you, he wants to marry you, Amrish says yes, that Chiku. Isha is slapped and scolded by Amba.

Dhawal struggles to rise from the muddy ground while Natasha awakens. She observes Dhawal heading towards the nearby fire as Amba sits crying. Her thoughts are consumed with concern over Natasha’s constant presence, which is causing trouble for their family. Feeling desperate for a solution, Amba grabs a rope and begs Isha to end Natasha’s life. Thankfully, Isha intervenes and stops her. However, Amba continues to express her frustration by mentioning a potential marriage proposal for Isha that she should pursue instead of causing chaos within the family. Amrish reiterates his earlier warning about not allowing Natasha into their home, calling her selfish and reminding them of Yash’s high social status. Bhaven accuses Yash of taking advantage of their family by taking a large sum of money from them, insinuating that Natasha wants to marry him for financial gain. Chirag intervenes again to prevent further conflict, while Natasha silently signals Dhawal not to pursue destructive actions.

Trying to burn the rope in the fire, Dhawal bears the pain. Natasha cries for him. The rope breaks. He gets free. Isha says he holds Natasha and hugs her. Isha says I’m okay. I’m standing here because of him. As she said, Pranali is from a small family, but her status has increased since marrying Bhaven, and Yash’s status will also rise after marrying me. Pranali says yes, she is right.

Did anyone ask you? Pranali shouts, “I will tell the truth. I am choosing happiness over money.” Amrish scolds her. Isha will marry Rohan. He calls Arvind and sets the date for the wedding. Dhawal helps Natasha. The fire rings as they hold hands.


Dhawal says Natasha saved my life, and I regret leaving her. Amrish asks if you regret leaving Natasha. Dhawal says yes. Amrish says I free you from the promise, but I have a condition.

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