Pandya Store 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Isha Confronts Amrish’s Orthodoxy

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the Episode begins, Amrish can be seen scolding Isha for her past actions. He expresses disappointment at how she left without considering their feelings and has now suddenly returned. Isha defends herself by explaining that she was forced to leave due to Amrish’s traditional mindset. She disagrees with his belief that participating in beauty contests or wearing revealing clothing affects one’s reputation. Amrish insists that it is unacceptable in his household and reminds Isha to respect boundaries. Still, she stands her ground, stating that the real issue lies in his narrow-minded views. Frustrated, Amrish calls out Isha’s name again…

I wore a bikini during a beauty contest, which is wrong for me. She says that when big athletes wear swimming costumes and win medals, it is not a problem. She argues with him. You didn’t know, but you won, I could never be anything in life, I lost, you know why, because I didn’t have my family’s support. She says congrats, you didn’t know, but you won. As she cries, she says I was alone when I fell. Amba cries. Isha says I didn’t get my career and family. Suman says look at me, Chiku… Look at me. Chiku says I won’t hear anything. Suman says I only give this Gyaan to a few people, not everyone, as she explains.

We cannot interfere in Chutki’s Sasural; she must learn how to handle relations. He asks what we should do, she is in sorrow, should we sit quietly. Suman says to give them an answer, but it’s okay; such things happen in a family; you are three, three bahus will come, and if their Maayka interferes, it will appear suitable. I won’t take anyone’s advice, and I gave Chutki good values, so don’t worry, she’s sensible.

She asks someone to get tea for her. Mittu says I will get it and have water. Natasha asks Isha why did you call me here, you think everything will be fine, but I know them inside out, they will never change, so please don’t try to unite us again, Natasha cries. In Dhawal’s mind, Natasha did this to bring Isha here.

She hugs Amba, and they cry. She hugs her brothers and Bhabhis. She sees Amrish. He turns away and cries. She takes his blessings. He goes aside. Dhawal hugs Isha. Natasha thinks getting Isha back will be impossible if she leaves this time. Dhawal stops Isha from leaving. He says I won’t let you go this time. She says grow up, leave my hand, Amrish will become angry if I stay here.

Then he says, “Guys, let’s lock Amrish and Isha in a room, and they’ll resolve their issue.” Amba asks Amrish to let Isha stay. She apologizes, forgives her, has no idea where she has been for these years, you know what the world does to girls like her, we are lucky that she came home safe. Isha should not be allowed to leave by Chirag and Bhaven.

It will be Laxmi puja in half an hour; anyone who gets ready can go. The puja is for everyone, including the bahus and daughter. Everyone smiles when Amrish leaves. He leaves. Dhawal is happy. Isha says Amrish didn’t say anything. Dhawal thinks you won’t be going. Everyone hugs Isha. She says I know, Dolly; I am also your follower on social media. Dolly hug Isha. Natasha says I understand the pain of getting away from my parents.

With a beaming smile, Amba embraces Isha and then notices Natasha. Dhawal then requests Isha to change quickly before returning to his room. Meanwhile, Natasha prepares herself and is thanked by Dhawal, to which she casually replies with an “okay.” However, he insists on appropriately expressing his gratitude, but Natasha reminds him of the remaining time, and they can discuss it later. Eventually, Dhawal assists her as romantic music plays in the background. Feeling remorseful, he apologizes while Amrish reflects on everything that has happened. He plots for Natasha’s departure from the house to uphold his principles. In a heartwarming moment, Dhawal adorns Natasha with the mangalsutra necklace.


Natasha says not because of you, but because of your old thinking. Amrish says Dhawal raised his voice in front of me because of you, and my house will collapse because of you.

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