Udne Ki Aasha 30th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Sachin Saves Sayali from Sudhakar

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Udne Ki Aasha 30th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Sachin finding Sayali’s phone. Isha immediately brings up the topic of Sachin marrying Sayali for her money, but Tejas denies it and suggests taking the money and leaving. Isha expresses her concern about this plan being considered as cheating, and advises Tejas to find a way to get the money without getting married. Tejas explains that he is doing this for their future, and promises to return the money once his business is successful. Isha confesses that she cannot live without him, to which he responds with the same sentiment. Meanwhile, Sachin arrives at his friends’ gathering and admits to being drunk last night, when he receives a call on Sayali’s phone.

As soon as he answers the call, Sudhakar threatens Sayali. Sachin gets angry. Sudhakar and his goons kidnap Sayali. They take him to the godown. Sudhakar threatens her. He says don’t shout. She asks him to stay away.

Sudhakar asks Sayali to marry him. Sayali says you should have talked to my mother. He asks would you agree then. She pushes him. The goons catch him. Sudhakar tells Sachin to leave her, he’ll deal with her, he said no one would come to save you today. He signs her to run. Sachin comes there wearing a helmet. Sudhakar asks who you are. Sachin beats the goons.

She runs away from there. She takes her bike. She gets the phone. She sees Juhi’s incoming call and leaves. Sachin comes to see her going. He thinks I should wear a helmet so I won’t run into trouble with the police.

Sayali comes to the chawl. Shubha asks what happened, are you hiding something? Dilip says I was waiting for you as well. Sayali drinks the water in a worried tone. Shubha asks her to tell the matter. She tells them everything and tears. Shubha says fine, we need to stay alert, I was coming home.

In his words, I will not leave him alive. She says enough, calm down, don’t do anything. Shubha says Sudhakar will not let us live in peace. Shubha says I don’t know who saved me, he was wearing a helmet, he beaten goons and signed me to run, and I also got my phone back. Bappa has sent that guy to save me, says Sayali.

In Shubha’s opinion, fate won’t always be good, so get married, listen to me, say yes for your father’s sake, and let me know if you’re going to marry. But… Sayali says… Shubha says enough, you have to marry for mine, so Sayali agrees. Shubha calls Paresh and tells him Sayali agreed to marry. Paresh says good, can I speak to her? Shubha says yes.

Sayali talks to him. He blesses her and says call me Baba, not Kaka, stay happy. Paresh comes into Sachin’s room in the morning. He says Tejas’ relationship is getting fixed, just come with me. Sachin says no, Tejas is useless, that girl’s life will be ruined. Paresh says people change after marriage.

Sachin says Tejas won’t change. Paresh says I’d feel better if you came, but it’s your choice. Shubha is busy making arrangements. Sayali returns from work. She says she doesn’t want to dress up, they will like me the way I’m. Paresh and family arrive. Shubha welcomes Renu. Renu taunts her.


Sayali and Shubha worry about Renu’s demand for 1 lakh shagun.

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