Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Dadi asks Prachi what is happening, such a cheap accusation against Ranbir. Prachi tells Payal she is with her and asks her not to lose courage. Payal leaves. It’s just that Prachi is helping the girl get justice, as wrong things have happened to her. Dadi says I never told you that you are wrong when you used to cry all night for Panchi when you kept fasts without any reason and worked all of the time.

Even though you hid the fact from Ranbir that you were alive, I did not warn you that you were doing wrong, but I will tell you today that you are wrong. Shahana tells Prachi that she told Dadi not to do drama, but she gave me a swear. Prachi tells her to take Dadi to the doctor because she trusts Ranbir a lot. Shahana asks Prachi, what about you? Prachi leaves.

Payal is in her house when the doorbell rings. She sees Ranbir standing. Ranbir says yes, I am here, can I come in to talk to you. Payal nods and falls down. As he helps her get up, she hugs him. Someone takes the pictures. She asks why she came here. I was struggling with my emotions, Ranbir says, and he tells her he has come to speak to her about the cheap accusations she has slammed on him and that he is trying to solve his life’s problems.

I did not even talk to you, so why did you lie? He says I threw you out of the office because you were stealing money from the company funds. He says I am not dishonest and cannot tolerate others who are.

It is my request that you take back the complaint against me, as I am innocent and will be saved, whereas you will not be saved as you are guilty and will be caught today or tomorrow, your life, career, and image are all at risk. As Payal runs inside, she locks the door and thinks, “What should I do?”. She calls Prachi and cries. Prachi asks, “How did Ranbir get in here?”.

Prachi says don’t worry, I’ll come, and Payal says he is very angry. Ranbir comes out of the house and says I was trying to make her understand, and she is acting as if she is scared. After telling everyone why he fired Prachi from her job, he says he doesn’t care about Prachi and will make everything okay. He sits down to tie his shoes. Prachi doesn’t notice him.

She turns and looks back, but he doesn’t see her. She goes inside. Ranbir turns, but he doesn’t see her. Payal comes out and pretends to be scared. She says she doesn’t know if Ranbir is here or left. They hear a car sound. Payal says Ranbir left.

Prachi sees a man’s shoe there and asks what he said. Payal tells me that he threatened me and asked me to withdraw the complaint. He told her to let everyone know that there had been a misunderstanding and I ran inside to call you because I was afraid he would kill me.

She says I’m sorry I didn’t tell you and says Ranbir is my husband and we separated 6 years ago. She says he was never like this before, he was wonderful. She says he can’t go wrong with any girl and every girl will feel safe with him. She says the same way we feel at temples.

It feels the same when he is with her. She says he was like that. She says I am with you as injustice has been done to you. She says I will stand up for you and become your strength. Payal thanks her and sheds fake tears.

Prachi says you should do it, then you will become strong and move forward. She suggests I couldn’t do this for you. As Prachi is mature and strong, Payal asks why she left her. Prachi recalls Ranbir throwing her out and says there was a good reason. Payal says I apologize for bringing up old memories.

Prachi refuses. Payal insists. Prachi asks for tea. She sees the shoes again. Prachi goes to the kitchen and asks who stays with her. Payal replies that she stays alone. She should have shared the house with someone. Payal says there are many rules when sharing, and that’s why she moved. Prachi says all your struggles will soon come to an end.

Payal says it’s of my boyfriend, and then realizes what she said. Prachi says you said that he left you. Payal says some of his stuff is here. Then Prachi asks what Ranbir had said, you said that he had come here. Payal says yes and that he was threatening me, asking how dare I file a complaint against him. Prachi asks if he threatened you.

Payal says he threatened me before asking me to take back the complaint. Prachi says you have locked yourself in the room for that reason. Payal says she lost her phone and has not found it yet. In response, Prachi says she does not doubt me, and that Ranbir was not like this because of his past. She suggests we sit and drink tea together. Dida asks Shahana to open the door. Shahana opens the door. Ranbir sees her and asks her to call Prachi. Ranbir calls her. Shahana asks if you are drunk. Ranbir gets inside and calls Prachi.

Ranbir asks Shahana if she knows what her sister has done to him. Shahana asks him not to shout. Dadi calls Ranbir. Ranbir gets happy and hugs her.

Ranbir asks how you’re doing. Seeing you makes me feel good. He asks how you’re doing? He says you’re still lovely. He asks if you were with Prachi all these years. Dadi says yes, but I…Ranbir says whatever happened between Prachi and me, was because of our mistake, and asks her not to feel guilty.

As Prachi refused everything, dadi asks Ranbir to sit and asks Shahana to make him tea. Ranbir says I will take the tea you make, but please come with me. Dadi says ok, but I want you to come with me. Ranbir adds sugar to his tea. She thinks if Prachi finds out about him, she will get mad. Payal finds her phone on the sofa. Prachi asks who could come now and asks her to open the door.

The reporter says he will save you, Ranbir came here. Prachi asks how she knows Ranbir came here. Payal opens the door and sees the reporter.

As Ranbir says, Khushi is my happiness. As Prachi says, Khushi is my happiness. Khushi asks Ranbir, about what is her relationship with him.

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