Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update Worldofentertainment.in

After Prachi runs, the goons follow her. As Prachi sits in her car about to start, the goons grab her keys and throw them away. Prachi asks why you dare touch my car keys, and why you feel ashamed to tease a woman, and says she is not afraid of them. The goons tell that they are scared. Prachi asks what they want. She throws money in their faces. The goons say that there is no shortage of money and ask her to fulfil their needs. They hold her hand to take her away from there, but Ranbir holds her hand instead.

There is a limit, we fought and you ran to the temple, I love you so much that you can’t be saved from my love, Ranbir says. Prachi asks what you are saying. Ranbir says I’m your husband. You are upset with me because I have committed 7 murders, and he tells the goons he killed them because they were staring at his wife. If anyone stares at his wife, he gets mad and kills them. The goons run away scared. Prachi takes the knife from him and throws it, asking if he’s mad.

He tells Prachi that if anything had happened to them, the police would have taken them. He says he was just scaring them. Prachi says where I would have gone if anything had happened to you. She hugs him. Ranbir asks her to calm down and says everything is fine.

In response to Ranbir’s request, Prachi says she will search for her keys, which goons had thrown somewhere here. However, they were unable to find them. Prachi says she will take an auto or taxi and keeps her hand on his hand. After moving her hand from his hand, she says she will take a taxi. Prachi asks Ranbir to take his umbrella and says rain can happen anytime and you will be cold. He asks if you still remember everything. She says yes. Just then they hear a thunderstorm. Prachi embraces him. It started to rain.

She sees them hugging, cries and runs. Ranbir opens the umbrella and says we have just one and no options. Rhea recalls what happened and stops in front of the car. Aaliya gets out of the car. Rhea cries and hugs her. Ranbir and Prachi sit in the taxi and leave. As Aaliya takes Rhea to her house, she asks her if she has ever listened to her. She says you have to fight for your rights even if it is your love or family. Rhea recalls Dida’s words and says I don’t know what to do.

Aaliya says she doesn’t know what she will fight for and what she shouldn’t fight for. She goes and says I don’t know. She says she is not my Rhea, she has completely changed and gets angry saying there’s no reaction, she’s Pragya’s daughter. My Rhea is a fire, and she’s withered, and I’ve come back to make her fire. She tells Shahana that some goons were behind her, and Ranbir came. She says everything. Shahana says thank god you had Ranbir with you, otherwise…Prachi says I would have saved myself. She asks her to explain.

Whenever you are in trouble, Shahana says he stands by you. Prachi replies that he was absent when I needed him. Shahana smiles and says I was just saying that. Prachi says your heart melts when she hears his name. Shahana says you feel the same way Ranbir feels about you. When Ranbir returns home, he sees Rhea. He asks what happened. Rhea says I was worried. You can see me, Ranbir says.

Rhea says she was worried about you, but also about others. Ranbir asks what? Rhea tells him to wipe his hair and dry it with a hair dryer. She asks him to drink coffee. Ranbir asks her to stop. Rhea leaves with teary eyes. Khushi’s birthday party is thrown by Prachi and all the orphanage kids are invited. They arrive. Prachi asks where Khushi is. Meera says Khushi is not talking to anyone. Prachi wishes Khushi a happy birthday and asks Meera to let her talk to her.

The Inspector tells Balbira that he will break his bones in the new jail and that he has ruined Prachi’s life. The driver stops the jeep and asks, has an accident occurred? The gun is snatched from Inspector Balbira and he threatens to open his handcuff. He says he will do his work in 24 hours, and he runs while the police follow.

In front of Prachi, Khushi informs her that the orphanage authorities won’t let her meet her Shiv. Prachi says you don’t know what he could do. Khushi says he didn’t say anything bad for you, but you are saying this for him. Meera says she has been upset ever since then.

She runs and locks her in the room, and Prachi tells her not to be angry. Khushi says I couldn’t meet Shiv, and I’m angry about it. Prachi says today is your birthday, so let’s have some fun. She says she heard Meera saying she wouldn’t let Prachi meet her if she wasn’t satisfied with her (Prachi). Khushi refuses to talk to her and says she heard Meera say that.

In order to lift her spirits, Shahana asks Prachi to go and act as though Khushi is happy. If the orphanage people find out, they won’t let you meet her. Prachi asks her to convince her. Shahana asks her to go. She asks her to open the door. Khushi refuses. Shahana finds the window open and gets inside. Khushi opens the door and looks out. Shahana says, “I am here.” Khushi is upset and says Parvati does not love me. Shahana says she is your real mamma, she gave you birth, and she is your real mamma. Khushi asks what she said. She promises.

Then Khushi asks Shahana why she left me. Shahana replies that Prachi used to yearn for her, used to talk to you and pray that she finds you. Shahana tells Khushi that she lost her.

Pallavi told Khushi that Ranbir is her Papa. Khushi thinks that my Mamma and Papa were in front of me, and I had prayed to God that they shall be my parents, which is why I love them so much.

Until the Police are aware that I am here, I will do my work, but no one can save Prachi. Khushi asks who can help me, to unite Mamma and Papa.

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