Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Mihika notices that Ranbir wants to prove to Prachi that he is committed to one woman. She advises him to inform everyone that no one is answering the phone at his house. Ranbir thanks Mihika for comprehending him and appreciating his genuine intentions. Meanwhile, Prachi contemplates Ashok’s words and makes up her mind to express her concerns regarding Mihika and Ranbir’s alliance.

Akshay discloses that Mihika mentioned Prachi’s liking for Ranbir and praises Ranbir, stating that he loves Mihika immensely. Prachi confesses that she shared her concerns with Mihika to make her feel better. Akshay is curious about Prachi’s reasons for disliking Ranbir, but Prachi argues that he lacks qualities that make him a suitable partner. Akshay defends Ranbir’s financial stability, but Prachi insists that it’s not enough to care for Mihika.

Prachi becomes emotional and asks Akshay to temporarily halt the alliance proceedings. Manpreet arrives and overhears their conversation, suggesting that Prachi might be angry at Akshay due to her protective nature towards Mihika. Akshay acknowledges Prachi’s concerns and emphasizes her role in Mihika’s life. Manpreet expresses her affection for Prachi and considers herself fortunate to have such a daughter-in-law, extending the sentiment to Akshay as well.

Vishaka calls everyone for the puja, and the pandit performs the aarti. Manpreet reassures Prachi not to overthink the situation, emphasizing the importance of giving people a chance. The pandit instructs the couples to perform various rituals, including circling around Shiv and Parvati for Akshay and Prachi, and around the kalash for Mihika and Ranbir. Prachi worries about their plan to protect Mihika.

As Akshay-Prachi and Mihika-Ranbir begin their rounds, a sudden power outage occurs. Vishaka slips while attempting to go to the fuse box, and Akshay comes to her aid. They discover that their fuse has been removed intentionally. Ranbir joins them at the fuse box and remarks on the thoughtfulness of the location. Akshay suspects someone deliberately wanted to separate them from their partners. They decide to resume the rituals despite the interruption.

The neighbours suggest that the power cut may be due to jealousy, while Vishaka expresses doubts about Prachi’s involvement. Ranbir goes to drink water, coughing to divert attention. Mihika recalls their previous conversation about doing something, and Ranbir secretly meets with the electrician responsible for the decorations. Ranbir thanks him for his assistance and asks him to keep their plan a secret. The electrician reveals that he shares the same surname as Ashok Tandon and supports Ranbir’s decision to resist the rituals.

Prachi observes Ranbir’s interaction with the electrician and senses that something is amiss. She shares her suspicions with Sangeeta and recalls Ranbir’s actions. Ranbir approaches her, questioning her thoughts. Prachi contemplates the situation, feeling that something is not right.

Prachi instructs Ranbir and Mihika to complete their rounds first before proceeding further. She makes them hold hands and initiates the ritual.

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