Kumkum Bhagya 10th February, 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

As the episode begins, the terrorist informs everyone that their hostage is Yashvardhan Singhania’s son-in-law. Everyone hears them. The terrorist checks Kohli’s ID and says he is Ranbir Kohli.

As he threatens to pierce his body with bullets, Kaya runs. Prachi feels dizzy and faints. Pari assures her that they will save Ranbir. Sandy claims that they have mistaken Ranbir for your son-in-law.

Pari says we have to save him. Sandy says he saved me, I have to save him. Singhania tries to stop them. They go. They tell the terrorists that they have to catch Yashvardhan Singhania. Water is thrown at Ranbir’s face. The terrorist asks Ranbir to wake up. The terrorist asks Ranbir to speak to him, and let others go who are hostage there. The terrorist tells them to call his Sasur, and Ranbir asks who?

Another terrorist asks him not to do any drama and asks him to call his Sasur. Ranbir asks have you gone mad? Is your wife here in the same hotel? He says I haven’t seen her for six years, but I feel like she is here. We will tell you about my Sasur if you find her and bring her to me.

They didn’t do anything wrong, so he tells them to let the people go. A terrorist strikes Ranbir. Other terrorists tell him he didn’t know what I said in mic, and tell him he wants Yashvardhan Singhania. When Kaya arrived there, she asked Ranbir if he was okay. She said I searched for you everywhere. Now he asks what to do.

Kaya says I won’t leave you, and nothing will happen to you. Ranbir says I’m worried about the trouble here, as you are a headache. Kaya says you made all the arrangements to kill yourself.

Kaya says you are a terrorist, so mind your own business. The terrorist tells her to sit down. She goes to leave but is stopped by a terrorist who charges her with having an affair with him and marrying someone else.

It was she who saved me, and now I will die early because of her. Yashvardhan Singhania and his family come there. Ranbir asks why did you come here, Sir, there is a danger to his life. Singhania says any danger to my life will not affect anyone else.

The terrorists laugh and tell him that there is a lot of money at their place and ask Ranbir, Did you not see the bomb blast outside? He asks them how much money they want. The terrorist shoots a guy. He says we work for our mission. Ranbir asks what your mission is.

Ranbir sees Prachi as she comes near him. He is startled and tears roll down his cheeks. Prachi too gets teary eyes seeing him. Ranbir says, “I’m here, Prachi.”.

Someone hits the terrorist and takes Singhania from there. Sandy and Pari take Kaya from there. Prachi opens the rope. Song plays Ishq Tere Le Duba. Prachi throws the register at the terrorist, causing him to fall down. She tells Ranbir to run away. Ranbir embraces her and says you’re here. Prachi asks him to run. They leave.

Standing outside, everyone hears bullets and witnesses the bomb blast inside the hotel. Pallavi asks Inspector to save her husband. Inspector speaks with Commissioner. Inspector Manish Pandey arrives and tells him he’s in charge of the mission. Inspector shows him a map of the building.

While Prachi is walking along, Ranbir calls out to her. She stops. Ranbir walks towards her and hugs her. She also cries.

As he told me today, he was praying for her daily and knew she was alive. If you are alive, why did you not come to meet me for 6 years, he asked where you were, and who was with you. They hear terrorists saying they must have come here. They hide. He asks her why she didn’t return to him.

She pulls him close to her so they can hide from the terrorist. They hide in the passage, as the terrorists go from there. Prachi runs and runs into a room. She is about to close the door when Ranbir comes in, asking why she is running away. Prachi says she does not wish to speak with him.

He says you didn’t talk to me for 6 years, everyone said you were dead, but I can see you and touch you. When you remember me, why did you not come back, why did you betray me? When he asks why didn’t know that I could not breathe without you, he tells why you didn’t return after he knows well.

In Prachi’s memory, Ranbir accuses her of stealing Panchi’s happiness and asks her to leave. He asks her to reply. Prachi hesitates, she can’t hear her answer.

As Kaya tells Singhania, Ranbir will not leave me. Ranbir tells Prachi why she left him and says I wouldn’t have stopped you if you wanted to. Prachi tells him this is the reason for her leaving.

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