Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

The episode begins with Prachi telling Inspector that he is a good person because he does not lie. She says whatever he did for this girl, he did for the truth. Ranbir is a very good person, please leave him alone, he loved this girl a lot and couldn’t bear anything wrong happening to her. She says if you or I were in his place, we would have done the same, he spoke against wrong.

As the woman constable asks Inspector to believe Prachi, she is angry with her husband, but still believes he is a good person. Inspector responds, once my wife was angry and told me that I am a thief and my friends are also thieves. Prachi signs and gives Ranbir Kohli a guarantee. Inspector asks Yadav to leave Ranbir Kohli. Prachi thanks him.

Ranbir thinks my family must have come to free me. Khushi asks Prachi why she didn’t tell him that she was his wife and even Shiv didn’t tell her. Khushi asks where you were when I went to Shiv’s house. Prachi says I wasn’t there. She says I will tell you later, and she has fulfilled her promise.

She asks Khushi not to tell Ranbir that she signed as his guarantor. Khushi asks why? Prachi asks if you saw me in his house. Khushi says no. Prachi asks if you saw him in mine. Khushi says no. Prachi says Juhi’s parents live in the same house, but we don’t, because we’re not married, and I’m not his wife. Khushi says that you are not his wife. Prachi says that’s why don’t say I signed as his wife. Khushi asks if she signed as Inspector uncle said that only family members could take him home.

Khushi says I do not lie. Prachi says you can tell him that I freed him, but don’t tell that I signed as his wife. He asks the lady constable where his family is. The lady constable says there is your family. The inspector says he is free to go. Khushi calls Shiv. Khushi says she is lovely and sweet. Ranbir says even I once felt the same way. Inspector asks him to sign. Prachi says she will drop Khushi off at home.

As Shiv has an injury, Khushi asks Prachi to drop him off as well. Prachi agrees and gets the car. Ranbir signs and thanks Inspector. Khushi says that if you name her Chikchiki, you are a baklu.

Khushi tells Ranbir she can call you Baklu. He says you are a little chikchiki. He recalls Prachi calling him Chikchiki. He says someone close to him used to call him Chikchiki.

Kamlesh left, so Prachi has to drive. Ranbir tells Khushi he doesn’t want to go with her. Khushi says she’s chikchiki, but she’s sweet too. As he sits in the front seat with Prachi, Prachi asks Khushi to sit with her. Khushi tells Ranbir that he has an injury. Prachi tells Ranbir who asked him to do gundagiri.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she interfered because he did such a thing. Khushi suggests they see each other and talk. They say no. Prachi says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Ranbir says even he isn’t dying to talk to her. Khushi asks Prachi for medicine in the car. Prachi gives her ointment.

Khushi sits on the back seat to apply ointment to him. They look at each other. Khushi applies ointment to his hand. Naata mera tera. Akshay comes there and goes inside the PS, but does not see Prachi’s car. Akshay asks Inspector if Prachi has come here. Inspector says we haven’t arrested the girl with this name. Akshay tells Inspector that Prachi called her and said she was here.

Akshay says she was having her phone, so you didn’t arrest her. Inspector says you asked the wrong question and then clarifies. The inspector says you should have asked me if Prachi had come here. Akshay asks him if Prachi had come here. Inspector says don’t say that her husband is devta. He shows the FIR and says Ranbir Kohli had a fight with someone, and Prachi came here and became his guarantor.

Prachi tells Ranbir Kohli that she shouldn’t have sat in the car. She holds his hand and takes him outside. They sit on the bench. Khushi thinks about what has happened, they were fighting and now she is helping him. She says they are the same. Khushi admires them standing far away. Ranbir and Prachi see each other’s gazes. Ranbir says you haven’t changed. Prachi says even you haven’t changed.

Akshay recalls Ranbir telling him Prachi was his. Inspector replies that Ranbir is Prachi’s husband and she is her wife. Ashok wonders where Akshay is. He wonders why he is taking so long to park the car. When I asked her why she didn’t tell before, she said they had a fight, after which she stopped telling people about him. He says she said he’s a good guy.

The lady constable once told him that if a woman can guarantee that her husband is a good person even after a fight, then that means a husband is a good person. Akshay recalls the recent events. After seeing them on the bench, he wonders why he could not understand how Prachi could not forget Ranbir. He wonders why she cares for him if she has feelings for him, and if that is why she refused his proposal.

He takes out the ring from his pocket and drops it on the floor. He takes out the ring from his pocket and drops it on the floor. He thinks that when I made Ranbir see her, he was happy for me and it seems that he has moved on, but she couldn’t. Ranbir says hello to Akshay. Prachi asks Ranbir to move his hand and asks Akshay why he came here. Akshay says you said you were in Police Station, so I came to help you, but you don’t need it.

Akshay collides with Khushi and apologizes. Prachi says she’s like my daughter. Ranbir agrees. Akshay says I understand. Ranbir says I’m fine. Prachi says you left me long ago. Akshay leaves. Ashok keeps calling Akshay. Akshay answers. He tells Ashok he has seen Prachi’s past, Ranbir. He says Prachi was married to Ranbir. Ashok asks the competent guy Kaya sent him.

Akshay says they are separated, but cannot separate from each other. He says now I understand why Prachi always rejects my proposal.

Akshay asks him to come home. Akshay says this happens to me every time. He says when I used to ask you to give me a brother or sister, then my mother became pregnant, and the doctor said she could save only one, so I asked her to save my mother, but he said I didn’t get my brother or sister.

Whenever I love someone, they should go away from me, if God doesn’t like me. Ashok says Akshay. Akshay says I had proposed Wendy, and she met with an accident that night, and left me. In response, Ashok asks him not to cry and to come home. Akshay says he is not a child and will come. Ashok says he will come there. Akshay says I will come and asks him not to worry.

When Khushi sees Akshay crying, she asks what happened. Akshay says he was talking to his father. Khushi asks if he scolded you. Akshay nods his head. Khushi says my Maayi also scolded me.

His tears are wiped away by her. Akshay says Prachi told him you were like her daughter. She says she is like my mother. Akshay asks about Ranbir. She says he also loves me. He says they are good together.

He says Inspector showed the paper in which Prachi has signed as his wife. Khushi says I was fooled and thought they were husband and wife, but they aren’t.

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