Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th April 2023 Written Update


Sahiba gives Seerat a tight slap after she accuses him of eyeing her things since childhood and ruining her life. Ajith and Santosh come out fuming at Seerat. Sahiba holds Seerat’s hand and warns her it’s enough now, she forced her to do something she hadn’t ever done before. Seerat complains to Santosh that Sahiba slapped her.

Ajith says if Santosh hadn’t been lenient towards Seerat, she wouldn’t have eloped and blackened her face. Santosh says God punished Seerat by blackening her face. Asked to reveal to whom she had eloped with who brainwashed her against her family, Sahiba admits she would have forgiven Seerat for her mistake, but she can’t for ruining her parent’s dignity.

Seerat warns her not to fall for her sugar-coated talk because she has brainwashed not only Angad but also her parents against her. She complains that Sahiba is to blame and says she is very hungry and fell in the dirt. After asking Keerat to bring water, she tries to walk in. Santosh holds her hand and throws her out of the room. Seerat asks if she threw out her beauty queen and if she supports Sahiba. Santosh says she is on Sahiba’s side.

She says Sahiba brainwashed her. Santosh warns her to shut up and says she will teach her a lesson today. Ajith asks her not to ruin her health for strangers. According to Santosh, Seerat is accusing Sahiba of sacrificing her life because of her; Sahiba lifted her ghunghat before the wedding and revealed her identity; she shows Seerat’s soft cream-laden hands and Sahiba’s rough hands and says that Seerat never worked and Sahiba worked hard to feed her family; she troubled Sahiba a lot to set up Seerat’s life, but no longer.

Then she warns Seerat to get out. Seerat says she suffered so much for days and returned home, but nobody asked how she is. Ajith says she is dead for them and asks her to leave. She made a mistake in a hurry, but never thought of ruining their dignity; she didn’t return home because she didn’t want to face them; he should forgive his first child and let her stay with him. Asked if she ever contemplated them before eloping, Santosh asks why she should accept the return of Keerat. Seerat takes Keerat’s oath and says she truly repents. Keerat says she does not want to die.

When Seerat says she was afraid, Sahiba asks what she is afraid of and with whom she eloped. Seerat ignores her and pleads with Ajith not to kick her out of the house. Ajith says she won’t reveal with whom she eloped. Ajith says they don’t need her apology and shouldn’t let her stay even for a second and do injustice to Sahiba. He drags her to the door when Sahiba stops him. Santosh says she should apologize to Sahiba for her actions.

Sahiba tells Ajith she is showing mercy on a girl who ruined her life. Sahiba tells him they shouldn’t throw Seerat out, as they were worried about her when she wasn’t here. She asks Keerat to bring Sahiba’s stuff. Keerat asks why Sahiba will go at night. Santosh warns her not to do as she says. It is Sahiba’s responsibility to stay here tonight. Santosh says Angad is injured, and she should stay by his side. Sahiba asks her not to kick Seerat out.

Keerat is instructed to drop Sahiba off at her home by Ajith. Ajith asks her not to worry about them, and to return to her husband.

As Sahiba is going to expose Angad’s family members, she wonders if their relationship will develop a warmth or if it will worsen.

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