Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode update


Teri Meri Doriyaan, 23rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

In addition to hosting Angad and Seerat’s sangeet ceremony, Jasleen, Gurleen, and Prabjot also announce Virat and Dr Sai’s performance in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein. Everyone claps after Virat and Sai dance to Heer Heeer Na Khodiyo. Virat suggests that Angad and Seerat should always be together.

Virat stops Sai when he tries to walk behind Sahiba and asks him to meet Daarji before leaving. Sai notices Sahiba and follows. Sai meets Sahiba and expresses her happiness seeing her there. Sahiba says even she is happy seeing her and asks what is she doing here. Sai says Daarji invited her and Virat. Sahiba reveals it is her sister’s wedding. Sai is excited, asking if Seerat is her sister. Sahiba asks her to tone down.

Sai asks when is her marriage. Sahiba says she is not interested in marriage yet. A flying seed falls on Sahiba. Sai recalls Usha telling her that it is a sign that she is going to marry soon. A flying seed falls on Angad doo. Virat informs him that though he is marrying, something is awaiting him. Both seeds unite in the air when Sahiba and Angad fly away the seeds.

If a flower supplier doesn’t deliver flowers on time for haldi ceremony decoration, Lucky gets angry the next morning. Twinkle tells Sahiba she needs to wait some time before she starts decorating. Sahiba says it’s okay. Twinkle asks a servant to keep a piece near the haldi ceremony area. It breaks down after the servant drops it.

Twinkle scolds him and becomes tensed about Lucky kicking them out of their job. Sahiba assures her that she’ll fix it and add glue and glitter. She fixes it. Twinkle praises her and says it looks great. Sahiba says it’s like an entangled relationship that becomes more beautiful if someone corrects it with love, etc.

He walks to Sahiba and asks what her name is, hoping someone can mend his and Inder’s relationship. Daarji passes by and likes her words. When Sahiba sees him, he becomes tensed. Daarji identifies him as the person who decorated the prayer room. Sahiba says yes. He asks what she’s doing here. Sahiba says she made the flower decoration. Darji says this is why it looks so well. Leaving the room, Sahiba excuses herself.

Sahiba attempts to apply haldi to Seerat. Seerat requests that she leave before anyone notices her. Santosh notices Sahiba and asks her to let Sukhi taiji apply the haldi first. Sahiba agrees. Prince accidentally throws a ball on the haldi bowl and haldi falls on Sahiba. Santosh scolds Prince.

Sukhi stops him and sends him away. Santosh then tries to wipe off Sahiba’s haldi. Sukhi stops her again. Angad’s siblings play with haldi and smear it into his eyes by mistake. Manveer welcomes Dhara from Pandya Stores. As soon as the haldi ceremony is over, the family pours water on Angad and Seerat. Seerat imagines enjoying the haldi ceremony with Garry.

Santosh attempts suicide after Seerat elopes. Jasleen says if not one daughter, then another daughter should be given to Angad at any cost.

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