Agnisakshi 9th October 2023 Written Episode: Family Secrets Unveiled Amidst Tensions


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In the episode, Utkarsh informs Satvik that Rajnandini is the younger daughter of Dr. Amol, who is responsible for our Aai’s death. Rajnandini tells Juhi that their baba used to save people’s lives and believes he is also responsible for saving them. Despite her best efforts, he could not save Savitri, and Narayan Bhosle said Baba was drunk when the operation took place.

After the hospital license was revoked, he faced a barrage of stones and ultimately took his own life. Aai, unable to bear the trauma, passed away, leaving us all alone. Misfortune continued to follow us when Ridhima fell in love and married someone without knowing their true identity – Narayan Bhosle’s son. They were unaware of his family history then, but I still cannot forgive them. Utkarsh, because of his father’s actions, is responsible for our father’s death.

As Satvik tells Utkarsh, Dr Amol’s negligence has led to the death of many people, and this was his last case, and Papa cancelled his license with truth, not money. Rajnandini believes that our papa is responsible for the death of her father. Utkarsh says we didn’t know about each other’s past when we fell in love. He says if I had told Papa, he would have forgiven me. Jeevika asks why he brought Rajnandini as his wife.

It is foolish for them to believe her, Satvik tells Utkarsh. They always followed her wishes and never went against her. Satvik says we will punish her. Utkarsh stops Satvik and says your action will ruin Riddhima’s life. Satvik says Riddhima will not suffer. Utkarsh says you will not do anything if you regard me as your brother. Satvik says you even know you are doing the wrong thing.

In her story, Rajnandini makes Juhi emotionally upset. She says she hasn’t forgiven Riddhima, and her husband is hopeful, but her hope is fake. Juhi says she loves Riddhima di so much. I want to meet her. She says you told me she died in an accident. Rajnandini says Riddhima is dead for us. Juhi asks her to regard her dead as she regards Riddhima dead. She starts crying.

The girl asks Narayan why he doesn’t want to accept that Jeevika lied. Rajnandini appears and provokes her, saying Papa will not agree. Utkarsh’s medical condition prevented her from becoming a mother, but Jeevika did. Satvik hears and asks Rajnandini if she has any complaints with him and Jeevika. In reply, Rajnandini says, “You are my family, and I felt sorry for Jeevika.”

Satvik asks if this is a recent development or if I didn’t understand you and thought you would consider improving the house. Narayan scolds Satvik and reminds him that Rajnandini is the elder daughter-in-law. Jeevika apologizes to Narayan and takes him to the hospital. Rajnandini is shocked. He asks Jeevika what you wanted to tell me and asks her not to hide. Satvik can’t remain silent anymore.

According to Jeevika, Rajnandini was aware of my inability to conceive before we were wed. She also suspects that Rajnandini orchestrated the various assaults on us, including her kidnapping and the theft and knife attack at our home. Satvik questions if she is capable of killing us. Jeevika confidently confirms that she could indeed harm us. When Satvik inquires about her certainty, Jeevika recalls when Rajnandini pushed her off the mountain. Enraged, Satvik reaches for a knife, but Jeevika intervenes, reminding him that Riddhima’s life cannot be endangered. She also reminds him of their father’s values and urges him not to jeopardize his future.

Rajnandini approaches Satvik and expresses her desire to talk to him. She assures him that he may have misunderstood her feelings towards Jeevika, as he had overheard a conversation with Lata Mausi that did not align with her true beliefs. In response, Satvik apologizes for not fully understanding what she was trying to convey. He acknowledges Rajnandini’s kind and selfless nature and expresses gratitude for all she has done for their family. As Rajnandini praises him and places a hand on his shoulder, Satvik throws his blazer and remarks that no one else is like her in the world.


Jeevika tells Rajnandini that she mixed poison instead of sugar so that you wouldn’t return. Rajnandini holds her neck in shock as she listens to Jeevika’s explanation.

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