Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th January 2024 Written Episode: Drama Unfolds Post Kabaddi Victory


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After injecting drugs with Sasha, Veer experiences a sense of euphoria. According to Sasha, this will enhance his musical abilities and earn him the title of “superstar.” Veer already feels confident in his skills like a “king of music.” Later, the Brar family’s kabaddi team wins a match and is presented with a trophy. Garry invites Sahiba to celebrate with them, and soon, the entire family joins in. Upon returning home, Akaal credits Angad for their victory while Jasleen praises Sahiba for reuniting two estranged brothers. Japjot expresses that the true triumph lies within their family bond and commends Sahiba for her part. Despite all this, Sahiba tends to Garry’s injury by retrieving a first-aid kit. Grateful for Angad’s assistance during the match, Garry expresses his thanks and acknowledges that they may have lost without him. Manveer mentions Garry’s past betrayal but ultimately credits Angad for rescuing them from potential defeat.

As Veer starts playing music, Sasha reaches for a cigarette. However, he quickly reminds her to put it away as his family is not fond of smoking. Just then, Sahiba walks by and overhears the mention of a cigarette. Knocking on the door, she inquires about it, and Veer asks Sasha to join their other friends on one side while he opens the door. Sahiba questions if they are discussing cigarettes, and Veer dismisses it as a practice session, attempting to close the door. She notices his red eyes, and he hurriedly blames it on a cold before shutting her out. Later, Manveer reveals to the family that Garry paid off the Randhawas to lose the match, and they must be mocking Angad’s certified victory – knowing they won despite losing. Manveer also suspects Sahiba’s involvement since she was present when Garry handed the money to the Randhawas.

Akaal asks Garry if he gave money to Randhawas. Garry says he did, but not to lose the match. Sahiba asks him what the reason is. Garry stands silent, thinking that Angad will hate him more if he tells the truth. Jasleen tells the family that Garry gave money to Randhawas not to win the match but to get beaten by them so that Angad could rescue him.

As Angad walks to his room, Sahiba explains that Garry has changed and needs forgiveness. Garry tongue-lashes Angad for attempting to gain his sympathy. Angad shouts at her, argues, and says it’s good they’re divorcing. He’ll file for divorce after Veer and Keerat’s engagement tomorrow and the wedding a few days from now.

Angad silently helps Sasha get out of the house by dropping her bag. Her cigarette pack falls far away. Veer puts things back in the bag and drops off Sasha. Akaal praises Angad at breakfast for making Veer and Keerat’s engagement arrangements so elegant. Japjot nods yes when Angad tells Veer it is his and Sahiba’s efforts. The maid shows Japjot the cigarette pack.

Veer becomes anxious when he hears that Sasha brought the toxic stuff home. Akaal gets angry and shouts who brought it home. Japjot shows it to his family and asks who brought it home. Sahiba notices Veer’s facial expressions and asks him if he knows. Veer replies, “How do you know?” Gurleen asks why she is questioning Veer. All blame Garry, and everyone knows who is to blame.


Angad says he will inform Darji and Bebe. Seerat thinks if Sahiba is divorcing Angad, she should inform her family.

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