Pandya Store 4th November 2023 Written Episode: Natasha’s Arrest Shocks the Pandya Family

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 4th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Amrish’s sudden change of behaviour as he questions Natasha about her actions against him. In her defence, Natasha pleads her case. The Inspector then declares the need to take her into custody. Amidst tears, Amba expresses her disappointment in her daughter-in-law’s actions and pleads for mercy while acknowledging all Amrish has done for his family. She implores Natasha to spare their children from the consequences and recognizes Amrish’s sacrifices and devotion to their family, highlighting his irreplaceable role as a brother and son.

I cannot do this with Golu. Natasha says I didn’t do anything; this girl is lying and asks Dhawal to trust her. She asks him to trust her. The inspector says every thief denies theft. Amrish says stop, Natasha won’t go to jail. The inspector says she kidnapped your son, and she will go to jail. She is our bahu, why can you arrest her? What if Golu is my son, she is also the bahu, I raised Dhawal as my son, Natasha is my son’s favorite Chachi, she won’t go to jail, even if she kills me.

Amrish says she’s Dhawal’s wife. He acts great. He apologizes to the inspector. The doctor treats Esha and asks why she is using the police name. Chiku lies. He checks her bag. She becomes conscious. He leaves. Chiku says how to inform her family. He checks her bag. She gets conscious. Natasha says I didn’t do anything; I’m not fond of the house rules. I wouldn’t say I like your actions, but I swear I didn’t kidnap Golu; I do not know why this girl is framing me, she has no proof against me.

The girl says okay, and I have proof; wait. She shows them the call log. She lies to them. Dhawal checks the phone. Dolly asks if Natasha made the call. Chirag says he doesn’t understand. Dhawal calls Natasha’s number. Natasha rings. Everyone is shocked. Hetal scolds Natasha. Amrish smiles. The girl says, enough, you can ask Natasha later, please give me my money.

Natasha receives a scolding from Amrish, who apologizes. The inspector warns her, but Natasha claims she is innocent. Dhawal disapproves, while Amrish remembers orchestrating the girl’s testimony for his benefit. Amba asks Hetal to acknowledge Natasha’s true nature and reminds her to stay away from her. Natasha denies any wrongdoing, but Dhawal becomes agitated and demands an explanation for her behaviour towards Golu and Amrish. Amrish watches silently.


For Suman’s sake, Natasha says I will do a job now. Amrish says our house Bahus don’t do a job.

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