Mehndi Wala Ghar 13th February 2024 Written Episode: Dance Practice Mishaps, Family Shopping, and Hidden Agendas

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 13th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

Mauli tells us Saloni will lead us in this dance practice, which begins with Manisha recalling her Sangeet function. Saloni asks Golu to record their dance. She plays music. She dances with Mauli. She teaches the dance to family members. Everyone looks on. Mini smiles. Saloni asks the men to dance now. The brothers fall odd while dancing. Someone throws a lemon on the floor. Manoj and Vijay fall. Mauli asks Manoj if he is okay after the fall.

Vijay says we will dance later, and ladies can start. Manoj says I don’t know how the lemon got on the floor, and I slipped and lost balance. Saloni says fine, let’s start with the ladies. Mauli asks everyone to come. She says Manisha Bua, you also come. Manisha departs. Saloni instructs her to copy. Jyoti steps on Swara’s foot. Swara screams and sits on the ground. Jyoti apologizes. Swara says it happened by accident.

Swara says Ajay, nothing has happened, your foot is fine, nothing to worry about. Swara says I got attacked. Jyoti is heavy. Jyoti says sorry. Swara says break my bones and then say sorry. Ajanta says it’s not a fracture. You’re fine. Swara asks if you don’t want me to dance. Jyoti says you dance here, I’ll dance somewhere else, Swara says no, you dance, I can’t. Tanvi says we will practice later.

Salani says fine, let’s practice couple dance. She asks where Vaibhav went. She sees Rahul and Rohit. She asks them to practice with them. Mauli dances with Rahul. Vijay asks how did the power go off. Akshay says there is a power cut here. Swara says Saloni, make a dance video and send it to us. Saloni nods. She gets Guddi. Mauli asks Guddi if you will also dance in the function; please tell me. Saloni replies that Guddi is unable to speak. Everyone gets sad.

Janki blesses Guddi and offers her Prasad. Manisha points out Mauli’s failure and reminds her of the consequences of any mistakes during the engagement. Ajanta converses with Manas, who mentions visiting Ujjain for a meeting with Aashna. She suggests that either Mauli or Manoj could meet him there. However, he responds calmly, stating that Mauli is no longer his wife and he plans to marry Aashna. He also reveals their plan to visit world-renowned chef Ajay Khanna tomorrow. Upon hearing this, Rahul excitedly shares his dream of opening a restaurant with Ajay Khanna in London. Rohit predicts that their father will disapprove of this idea.

Rahul assures me that my dreams have value. Rohit advises to take things one day at a time. Mauli and the rest of the group are busy shopping while Rahul takes Guddi to look for earrings. Meanwhile, Manas is browsing through a stall and finds nothing he likes. Rahul purchases a pair and thanks Manas for his input but disagrees with his choice. Manas insists on following his preference, to which Rahul responds in agreement. Mauli volunteers to fetch Rahul while Aashna arrives on the scene. Manas proudly shows her the earrings he bought for her, but she isn’t too impressed with them and suggests another pair instead. However, Rahul kindly interrupts and says they have already been spoken for, as he had initially claimed them. He reminds Manas of their previous conversation, in which he warned him against making poor decisions.

Manas expresses his approval, and Aashna leaves in a huff. Manas follows her while Mauli arrives at the scene. She reminds them that everyone is waiting at home. Rahul shares that they will explore the market before returning – he even bought earrings! He proudly shows them to Mauli, who commends his choice. Rahul jokingly tells her not to get excited because they are not for her. Mauli brushes it off and invites him back home with them. However, Rahul suggests they first try some paan at a nearby shop. Golu raises concerns about what people may say if the girls join them, but Rahul assures her that this is an era of equality and there should be no problem. Golu remains hesitant, but Mauli agrees to accompany them to ease their worries. Together, they order four masala paans from the shop.

Mini gets stared at by a few guys. Rahul asks Mini to eat it. Someone takes a photo of them. Rahul gives the paan to Mauli. Golu and Rahul also eat. Mauli says your husband isn’t here. Call him from Mumbai. Rahul says you want to unite the family. Mauli says Manas has gone to Singapore for work. Rahul says to show his picture. Golu says I have her wedding photos, come later. They leave.

As Manisha leaves in a rush, Mauli is shocked. She recalls how Manisha refused Mini. She wonders what Manisha is doing here. Vicky and his mum arrive home. She asks Janki to come out. Everyone comes there. Suprabha says I didn’t expect this from you all, it is disgusting, I told you we should not lose respect. Ask Mini about it.


A mysterious figure follows Mauli. Janki blesses Mini. The decorations fall over Jyoti.

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